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  1. Thanks, LaRetta! Your script works great! And there's no more annoying resizing windows when I open a new window. Even if a user decides to maximize the window anyway, this makes it so the window barely moves when a new window is opened. ???
  2. Thank you very much, Steven. I have fixed this (no more full access for an AD group) in all of my files. Also, thanks for pointing out the "view by" dropdown box in the lower right hand corner. I hadn't noticed it before. Luckily, I was always viewing by "authentication order" so that is why I thought the file authenticated using the order of the accounts. It happened to be the view I was looking at all along. Thank you for the great security tips. Now, I have a local account in each file set to each privilege set, so I don't have to worry about moving my account around in the AD group
  3. Here is my "problem": As far as I can tell, if a user is a member of more than one account in a FileMaker file, it gives that user the privilege set of the first account it comes to in the list of accounts. Is there a way to make FileMaker prompt the user with a kind of "which account do you want to use today" prompt window instead of just going with the first one that matches the user? I mostly want this capability as an administrator of the file, so I can quickly and easily make sure all the different user roles are working correctly. Right now, I have to shift myself around in the AD
  4. My layout is maximized to full screen, but when I open a new window using a script, the original window is no longer full screen. Is there a way to override this so that the original window stays full screen when another smaller window is opened from it?
  5. I have users who only need to be able to tinker with one particular layout in the FileMaker file. It is their report, and sometimes they will want less fields displaying than other times. I am trying to figure out how to keep the database secure while allowing this. I made a layout and gave this user group the privileges to modify the layout, but not change any records from this layout. At the moment, they can only see the layout in browse mode and not layout mode. I'm just struggling with how to give them a button to click from browse mode over to layout mode...
  6. One more thing: how do I keep the carriage returns (line breaks) in the text field? Because I filtered the description field without it, everything is one long sentence with no breaks. Thanks, Joni
  7. Genius. Filtering out the strange characters fixed the garbled text. Thank you, thank you, Comment!
  8. Good question. I don't know what those crazy characters are. I had to migrate the information in the description field from a Lotus Approach database. When I imported it into SQL, it had many different strange characters, but the text was still there...just intermingled with some strange characters... Do you think the odd characters from the import are causing the problem? And if so, is there anything I can do to fix it? I don't know why the Lotus imports to SQL that way. It only happened with this particular text field and none of the other text fields I imported from Lotus.
  9. I have the most up-to-date version of FMPro (9.0v3). The text in the field actually is already Ariel. Helvetica wasn't an option in my font dropdown box, so I tried Times New Roman. It fixed the text problem on the particular record I gave images for in this topic, but I still have plenty of other records that are still having the same garbled text problem. Also strange and noteworthy is that when zooming, the text no longer wraps at the end of the text field but wraps sooner with a lot of extra line breaks and really makes the whole thing look squashed.
  10. The text is garbled when zooming out, too. I've attached a picture of the garbled text at 75 % zoom. DescriptionField__75percent.bmp DescriptionField__100percent.bmp
  11. I have the default auto anchor settings on the field. (top and left) I've attached two pictures: - one at 100 % zoom. The text is displaying correctly. -one at 150 % zoom. The text is garbled. I don't know why it's acting that way and my users keep coming back to me to get it fixed... They like to zoom in larger, but this one field is unreadable when they do that. DescriptionField__100percent.bmp DescriptionField__150percent.bmp
  12. If I view the layout zoomed to 100%, I see the text in one of my large text fields correctly, but any sort of zooming makes the text get crazy and unreadable. Is there a way to fix this? What is causing it? Thanks, Joni
  13. I use Active Directory Groups for authentication. In this particular case, each user needs to see different property records that they have checked out. They are all in the same AD group, but I use the Account Name to figure out which property records to show them. I am not familiar with all the Accounts & Privileges settings that are available in FileMaker. I have figured out how to limit access to fields, but I have not figured out how to only show a few records in a table. Is there a way to block access to certain records in a table based on the value of a field? Right now, I am
  14. I have a bunch of FileMaker files, each with its own specific users and security settings (examples: a single file for Ordering, a single file for Tracking Property, a single file for Customers to view the property they have checked out to them). All of the files share the pertinent information so there isn't any redundancy. I want all of my different users to enter my FileMaker solution through a single FileMaker file that I've created just as a menu screen to all of the different files. From there, the users can select what they need to do (make an order, view property, etc), which will
  15. Fudge. The Enter key DOES still work to perform a search. I don't have FileMaker 9 Advanced... Is there a way to set up the fields in the database to only display values if the Account Name field matches the user logged in? Yikes, there's gotta be some way for me to fix this security issue.
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