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  1. No primary key...I'm going to have to get used to that. Does this mean I can join two identical fields in different tables, for a one-to-many relationship, as long as they are numerical?
  2. Hi everyone. Just a quick question: I don't see an option for a primary key in FileMaker 9. I'm assuming FM uses slightly different nomenclature for it. So, what is FM's equivalent? Where do I find it when creating tables and fields? Thank you! Jd
  3. I think I'm going to use one set for each category. That's probably the simplest way for me to deal with things. I can easily manage the look of the layout, no matter what. After dabbling with this for a while, I think I can handle arranging things in one set. Thanks for the follow-up. Jd
  4. Right before reading your message, I went ahead and made one set with all the genres in it, including Other. That helped greatly. I'm still confused about why all of the genres appear in the OTHER popup window, though. And now that I have one set with all the genres, I have other questions, but I'll post them in a separate topic.
  5. Hello. I'm using FM 9 and need some help with check boxes and radio buttons. I've created a very basic, simple flat-file database for my movie collection. There are three sets of checkboxes, each linked to the GENRE field. (Some movies belong in more than one genre, hence the use of checkboxes instead of radio buttons.) I'm trying to create a fourth checkbox set, also linked to GENRE, but this one will have only the OTHER field. There are two problems: 1. Whenever I click one or more checkboxes in the other checkbox sets, the OTHER checkbox is automatically
  6. Oh, okay, now I know what you're talking about. I perceive that feature to be impractical, because it really opens up a drop down menu, from which you can select your other layouts. The reason I view that as impractical is it requires extra mouse clicks. Granted, it might be practical to someone with multiple layouts, who wants to go to a specific layout, rather than go in order. For me, though, with only two layouts in this database, it's just a click or two too much. I think we're in agreement about the custom buttons I made. Okay, that's settled. Thanks for hel
  7. Hi. Which arrow are you talking about... the third one in the set of four icons? I see a paper clip, a light bulb, a vertical arrow, and an icon resembling a sheet of paper with the edge folded. Is that the arrow you're talking about? When I click that arrow, I switch from Browse to Layout mode. I don't see any icon I can click that will let me switch from layout to layout in Browse mode. That's why I created the control buttons. Jd
  8. One follow-up question. It's a minor one, but I am curious. I created two layouts for my flat-file database. They both work fine...so far. There is an icon on the left hand side that looks like a notebook. In layout mode, I can click it to navigate back and forth between my two layouts. I can't do that in Browse mode. However, I did create a workaround, by putting a button on each layout. I programmed ach button navigates to the other layout. That was easy. So, not having that notebook icon available isn't a big deal. But I'm just curious...why is it not available to
  9. Too easy. I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I'm using FM 9 and have a question about forms. Quite simply, I'd like to have two forms in a simple, flat-file database. The reason why I want two forms is because I don't want all of the data to be in one form. The second form will contain lengthy text, and graphic images, that may otherwise make one form cumbersome and unwieldy to deal with. So, I'd like to have a "primary" form and a "secondary" form, if possible. As of right now, after reading FileMaker Pro's documentation, and after browsing through a FileMaker Pro book I got from the library ([color:red]FileM
  11. Hello. I'm using FM 9.0. I'm not sure if this question should be in the Value Lists section or not, but here goes… I'd like to create a form that will let me put a different photo in each record. So far, I haven't figured out how to do that. Is this possible? If so, can someone tell me what the procedure is, or perhaps point me to a tutorial or demo on the web? Thank you! Jd
  12. I never would have found it on my own. I would have been searching for background color, background color, background color. Thanks again. Jd
  13. Where did you find that, if I may ask? Jd
  14. If I may make a comment...I'm new to Filemaker, but I'm not new to computing. Far from it. But I also like documentation that I can understand. Finding that is a rarity. If it weren't for web boards such as this, and Usenet newsgroups, I probably would still be searching for ways to do things I started a decade ago...or more. Filemaker is the simplest database program I've found since Lotus Approach. I'm by no means whatsoever a database expert--I've never made a relational database and am strictly flat file--but Filemaker didn't totally stump me when I tried to figure ou
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