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  1. I have the same problem. Also fmpro.evaluate ( "Get ( TemporaryPath )" ) does no longer work server side.
  2. I have the same behavior, but only on windows (on Mac this still works fine). Adding a global field (and set Enter and Return as going to next field) and OnObjectSave was the workaround.
  3. take a look at the HttpURLConnection class, it allows you to call a url and send data to it.
  4. hi David I think ScriptMaster is server side compatible, which means that you can run it with FMGo. Someone from CNS plugins wrote a profound article on how to do this. In short it has all to do with the fact that unstored calcs are evaluated on the server in certain conditions when you perform a find on it. So if you place your plugin call in that unstored calc and perform a find on it, the plugin call will be executed server side. Andries [edit]here is the article: http://jaketraynham.posterous.com/filemaker-go-cant-use-plug-ins-or-can-it[/edit]
  5. Hi with the Get ( RecordOpenState ) you can see if the record has been modified or not. Andries
  6. hi By accident we found a w ay to debug an sql statement. http://fmcustomfunctions.com/fid/335
  7. Kevin Frank was so friendly to post a demo file on his website. I just created the file, the technique was demonstrated by John Ahn (mr_wodka) during an unconference session at DevCon. http://www.filemaker...=5412#more-5412 Just a side note: I really loved the unconference sessions!
  8. I don't think it will be possible to mimic this feature in FileMaker. In my case there are two situations: 1. Key and related data is stored (for example in an invoice you want the key of the company and the name hardcoded) In this case I have a SQL statement in the keyfield that will lookup the ID of the company when the company name changes 2. You don't store the related data The entry field is only a global field, and with a script I set the key field to the correct ID. The display of the data I do via a webviewer (and also with a SQL statement) My con
  9. Hi we have an application deployed on Citrix. We didn't install the Citrix environment, but the problem is that now every session starts FileMaker with the username "Windows User". The problem is that this is not really practical So we discovered that when we create a new Citrix User, FileMaker asks on first startup what Username he wants to use. So for new users we specify a different username, and apparently this username is stored somewhere in his Citrix environment. So where is this "Username" actually stored? I found out that your favorite hosts/files are stored somewhere
  10. GetNthRecord is really slow for large datasets even in FileMaker Pro. If you create the same loop in FileMaker Pro it will become slower as well as it approaches the end of the record set... For larger datasets it is faster to loop over the records...
  11. if a ScriptMaster function returns "just" "ERROR" it means that Java has thrown an exception. Put in your dataviewer "SMLastError", and see what it displays after you called the function. Please read: http://360works.com/plugins/SCRIPTMASTERPLUGIN/documentation.html and scroll down to Error Handling/Reporting for more information.
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