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  1. I have a layout that finds a list of results based on a group of fields. I now want the user to be able choose which of those found records they want to print in a report. I am thinking adding a "print me" checkbox to each record. To do this, I think I need to add a field to the table called "print me" and set the checkbox to "checked". They simply uncheck the box to omit the record if they don't want it. But, that means they have to have Write privileges, right? 1) Is this the way to do something like this? 2) If so, is there a way to allow users to modify only one f
  2. Hello - I have folders of images I want to create a script to insert into a field. The folders each are named that match a field "Rug Number" like this (where "1001" is the contents of field name: Inventory::Rug Number image:../files/rugs1001/AS-412-4,DESIGN,PLAIN,SIZE,3.10X6.1.JPG I want the script to insert the image file contained in folder rugs1001 - no matter what the name is (all the folders only have one image). Can I do this? I tried various variables, but am not getting the syntax right. And I don't know if I can just grab any image out of a folder...
  3. Hello - I am taking an old database offline and need to take the referenced images in Supercontainer and insert them into a picture field, since I won't have access to SC for that database any more. Is there a script I can use to download the full-sized images and import them into FM? (using FM 17 which is accessing SC data on a FM 11 server running SC 2.864)
  4. The direct link in your post seems to work fine - here's the deal, though. I am not having issues myself, this is experienced by visitors to the site (I assume using IE10 or maybe even IE9). I can repeat the same issues they have by trying to load the site using http://www.modern.ie/ to test. Their screenshot tool shows your link fine in all browsers, but the actual page is not loading the java images in IE 10 and Opera12. Is there something I can do on my end to help these people load the page? thank you for any help :-)
  5. I am getting complaints and errors that are matching what I am seeing here for Windows 8 running IE10 and Opera12.  (I got this screenshot from the Microsoft browser test page, but it looks the same as one a client sent.)  The page is loading fine in FireFox and Chrome on both windows and Mac -- Is there something I can do?  Known issue?  -- Don  site: http://mobayen.macusa.net/mobayen-results.php  Â
  6. I have a site that I am trying to migrate to use a supercontainer field rather than the embedded image. Right now, I am using this to show the image: <img src="<?php echo fmsImageURL('Image Browse',$find_record_row->getRecordId()); ?>" alt="" name="rug" width="150" id="rug" /> If "Image Browse" is the old content, how do I change that to use the supercontainer content? Here is the field as it appears in my FM db: "http://my.server/SuperContainer/Files/rugs" & Inventory::Rug Number & "?style=showdelete+noscroll+title+info" Clearly, I don't know what I am doing her
  7. This is fantastic -- thank you -- saved the day. What I realized I was doing wrong, is I was trying to limit it to "onWeb" from the search page, and what I needed to do was add a bit to my results page. I added $onWeb = 1; ro my results page and then changed the array to match your ('On Web'=>'=='.$onWeb,) -- all works perfectly now. My search is passed through a URL in the pages that FMstudioPro set up for me, btw. Thank you again -- Don
  8. Hello - thank you for the reply -- only thing is I don't seem to be able to get the criteria to work -- I try to limit the results to just the field "On Web" to have a boolean value of 1 with this at the head of the search page - but it always returns everything...: <?php $found_records_find = $macusa->newFindCommand('Web Browse View'); $found_records_findCriterions = array('On Web'=>'=='.@($_REQUEST['On_Web']),); foreach($found_records_findCriterions as $key=>$value) { $found_records_find->AddFindCriterion($key,$value); } fmsSetPage($found_records_find,'found
  9. I have a PHP web published site using a FMStudioPro built site and I am getting errors whenever I try to make its user have custom privileges limited to a field (called "On Web") that is a boolean. I have tried On Web = 1 and On Web = "1" and On Web > 0 All I get is that every page on the site jumps to the error page - 404 No records match request I am trying to limit the web results to just records that have the checkbox "On Web" checked. If I remove Custom Privileges, the site works fine, but of course returns all the database's records. thank you! -- Don
  10. I have a simple FM11 database of inventory. I have set the Privilege Set's (File>Security>Privilege Set) Custom Records Privileges "View" "Limited" to the calculation "On Web = 1" (without quotes) - where "On Web" is the checkbox field that has the boolean of 1 or 0. So, if the record has "On Web" checked, the record shows up on the website. All this is working fine, as long as the person enters a variable in the find, but if they just click "Find Records", all the records in the database show up. Here's the kicker - all the records that are are not "On Web" are there, it is just
  11. Hello Looking to use SuperContainter to create an image library and I was wondering about a couple things - 1) is there a way to read the metadata - mainly keyword tags - off of the images and use them for search criteria? 2) can a referenced image be resized for export? As in a "email a thumbnail of this image" button? thanks, Don
  12. I recently bought FMPA 11v3, but there appears to be an issue with Entourage and this version - I am supposed to downgrade to 11v2 to make it work. Where do I find an installer? Obviously, my purchase can't be downgraded thanks for any help, Don
  13. I have a field "x" that draws from a value list of the entire database's records. I want to create a field "y" next to that that shows the container contents of a photo field in x's record. Meaning, pick a spouse in field "x" and see their picture in field "y". Calculation? How do I do that? Thanks - Don
  14. Sorry - I don't know quite where to start here, but I have a photo database and I need to cross-reference some photos that are related within the same table. (If the photo is a composite, I want to reference the foreground and background images that created it.) i.e. In the table I have a text field called "version_name" and a photo container field called "photo". I want a drop-down menu of all images in "version_name" to select as a foreground image and then a thumbnail of that foreground image from "photo". I assume I do this through a portal, but I can't seem to get the cross-
  15. Amazing - worked perfectly! Thanks again, Don
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