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  1. The direct link in your post seems to work fine - here's the deal, though. I am not having issues myself, this is experienced by visitors to the site (I assume using IE10 or maybe even IE9). I can repeat the same issues they have by trying to load the site using http://www.modern.ie/ to test. Their screenshot tool shows your link fine in all browsers, but the actual page is not loading the java images in IE 10 and Opera12. Is there something I can do on my end to help these people load the page? thank you for any help :-)
  2. I am getting complaints and errors that are matching what I am seeing here for Windows 8 running IE10 and Opera12.  (I got this screenshot from the Microsoft browser test page, but it looks the same as one a client sent.)  The page is loading fine in FireFox and Chrome on both windows and Mac -- Is there something I can do?  Known issue?  -- Don  site: http://mobayen.macusa.net/mobayen-results.php  Â
  3. I have a site that I am trying to migrate to use a supercontainer field rather than the embedded image. Right now, I am using this to show the image: <img src="<?php echo fmsImageURL('Image Browse',$find_record_row->getRecordId()); ?>" alt="" name="rug" width="150" id="rug" /> If "Image Browse" is the old content, how do I change that to use the supercontainer content? Here is the field as it appears in my FM db: "http://my.server/SuperContainer/Files/rugs" & Inventory::Rug Number & "?style=showdelete+noscroll+title+info" Clearly, I don't know what I am doing here - so, newbie apologies - I was hoping to just swap out a field name...? thank you for any help.
  4. This is fantastic -- thank you -- saved the day. What I realized I was doing wrong, is I was trying to limit it to "onWeb" from the search page, and what I needed to do was add a bit to my results page. I added $onWeb = 1; ro my results page and then changed the array to match your ('On Web'=>'=='.$onWeb,) -- all works perfectly now. My search is passed through a URL in the pages that FMstudioPro set up for me, btw. Thank you again -- Don
  5. Hello - thank you for the reply -- only thing is I don't seem to be able to get the criteria to work -- I try to limit the results to just the field "On Web" to have a boolean value of 1 with this at the head of the search page - but it always returns everything...: <?php $found_records_find = $macusa->newFindCommand('Web Browse View'); $found_records_findCriterions = array('On Web'=>'=='.@($_REQUEST['On_Web']),); foreach($found_records_findCriterions as $key=>$value) { $found_records_find->AddFindCriterion($key,$value); } fmsSetPage($found_records_find,'found_records',20); $found_records_result = $found_records_find->execute(); if(FileMaker::isError($found_records_result)) fmsTrapError($found_records_result,"error.php"); fmsSetLastPage($found_records_result,'found_records',20); $found_records_row = current($found_records_result->getRecords()); // FMStudio Pro - do not remove comment, needed for DreamWeaver support ?>
  6. I have a PHP web published site using a FMStudioPro built site and I am getting errors whenever I try to make its user have custom privileges limited to a field (called "On Web") that is a boolean. I have tried On Web = 1 and On Web = "1" and On Web > 0 All I get is that every page on the site jumps to the error page - 404 No records match request I am trying to limit the web results to just records that have the checkbox "On Web" checked. If I remove Custom Privileges, the site works fine, but of course returns all the database's records. thank you! -- Don
  7. I have a simple FM11 database of inventory. I have set the Privilege Set's (File>Security>Privilege Set) Custom Records Privileges "View" "Limited" to the calculation "On Web = 1" (without quotes) - where "On Web" is the checkbox field that has the boolean of 1 or 0. So, if the record has "On Web" checked, the record shows up on the website. All this is working fine, as long as the person enters a variable in the find, but if they just click "Find Records", all the records in the database show up. Here's the kicker - all the records that are are not "On Web" are there, it is just that their contents are blank - so, FM is being literally correct, they are not allowed to "view" the record, but it still includes it in the result - albeit, in a blank row. How can I get FM to not include these records? The site is at: http://mobayen.macusa.net/findrecords.php I hope I am being clear here - only took me 30 minutes to write the two paragraphs above... I am not a php coder (sorry) - this just may be a bug? Or does something in my method look suspicious? Thanks for any help -- Don
  8. Hello Looking to use SuperContainter to create an image library and I was wondering about a couple things - 1) is there a way to read the metadata - mainly keyword tags - off of the images and use them for search criteria? 2) can a referenced image be resized for export? As in a "email a thumbnail of this image" button? thanks, Don
  9. I recently bought FMPA 11v3, but there appears to be an issue with Entourage and this version - I am supposed to downgrade to 11v2 to make it work. Where do I find an installer? Obviously, my purchase can't be downgraded thanks for any help, Don
  10. I have a field "x" that draws from a value list of the entire database's records. I want to create a field "y" next to that that shows the container contents of a photo field in x's record. Meaning, pick a spouse in field "x" and see their picture in field "y". Calculation? How do I do that? Thanks - Don
  11. Sorry - I don't know quite where to start here, but I have a photo database and I need to cross-reference some photos that are related within the same table. (If the photo is a composite, I want to reference the foreground and background images that created it.) i.e. In the table I have a text field called "version_name" and a photo container field called "photo". I want a drop-down menu of all images in "version_name" to select as a foreground image and then a thumbnail of that foreground image from "photo". I assume I do this through a portal, but I can't seem to get the cross-reference correct. I really don't know where to start. If they were in separate tables, I could make it work, but this stumps me... Help? Thanks in advance -- Don
  12. Amazing - worked perfectly! Thanks again, Don
  13. This is really fantastic - thank you - I was able to get the whole thing in to FileMaker and make my changes. Now, I want to export that back out to xml so that I can use it in a site I have using Dreamweaver. If I use FMPDSOEXPORT with no style sheet - I can read it in DW, but I understand that FMPXMLEXPORT is preferred? But, when I use this, DW sees the XML page as empty - the DATA node set (is that the right term?) is blank. Do I need a style sheet to go back to XML? Bah! Sorry for being so completely clueless. I have hunted around again to teach myself this, but my eyes glaze over. Any help would be GREALY appreciated. -- Don
  14. Hello - Okay, I am lost. I have rummaged through some examples here, but I can't seem to get my XML database to import records into FM9. I got one example to get me though without errors, but no records import. Here is a truncated version of my xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> 2/26/2008 My Companyinfo@mycompany.com "xml.asp?uid=0000&order=appliedto&direction=up" asc desc creditcard issuer 1144 Card Name bank and the xsl file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 0 Thanks in advance - Don
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