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  1. I just upgraded from FMS12 to 14 and I'm having trouble getting the FTPeek plugin to install. During the FMS upgrade I upgraded to Yosemite. Here's what I'm seeing: Go to Admin Console UI Select Database Server Select Server Plug-ins See 360Works_FTPeek.fmplugin in bottom window & the plugin is "not loaded" Click "Enable FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) to use plug-ins" Click the checkbox for the row of the FTPeek plugin. Check box gets clicked. Toast message appears that says FTPeek plugin has been enabled the Check box immediately gets unchecked Error is logged: Plug-in faile
  2. Thanks. Simple error. I put the correct plugin in the extensions folder I'm all set. Thanks!
  3. I just upgraded Server & Clients to FMP14, but when I try to activate the FTPeek plugin on my client I receive the following error: I'm using Mac if that matters. Any idea what this means?
  4. Excellent. Thanks for the quick turnaround on this fix! You guys are awesome!
  5. That remote was supposed to be an absolute path to the root level. I've tried it with simply "" null, and other combinations of folder name and image name and I get the same result.
  6. I received the following error message when I try to upload from container. Does anyone know what it means: Here's the function I used in the script step: FTPeek_UploadFileFromContainer ( "/thumb.jpg"; Folder Metadata::Thumbnail Preview)
  7. I just upgraded to version 1.55 and I'm experiencing this same problem with spaces in folder names. Is there any way to get the 1.533 build?
  8. Thanks! I knew it had to be something so simple!!
  9. Why do thin field boundaries appear when you enter any field for entry? Also fields with a transparent fill become filled with white when you enter any field. Here's what my portal looks like when nothing is selected: And here's what it looks like when I click into a cell to enter text: Please note the fine borders around all fields and the white fill that comes into the fields that should have a transparent background. Thanks.
  10. Problem: VPN users don't see any local hosts or databases when they Open Remote. Setup: MacMini running leopard is hosting a single database & it's connected to the network in the office. I have two users that are connecting via VPN from their homes (PC & Mac). Upon selecting Open Remote they get a dialogue box without any hosts or databases being displayed. Should this setup work? What do I need to change?
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