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  1. Is there a script I can access to modify the Google Calendar import/creation of SeedCode Calendar records? Or, is there a way FM Trigger can detect a new Google calendar to SeedCode imported record?
  2. What script do I edit, or what's recommended, to be able to detect when a new SeedCode calendar record has been created from a Google sync? I would like to create a secondary SeedCode calendar record that blocks a 30-minute 'Padding' period before the Google synced record Start Time, in the context of phone appointments.
  3. Try selecting "Standard" in print presets, when the print dialog box appears. Then preview your document and not print. Now print again and see if the "FileMaker Pro" displays. If it does, you'll need to select your presets and delete them -- and redo your presets. You must have "upgraded" your OS. enjoy! Paul Fenley
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