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  1. Hello, When trying to create a new site using the PHP Site Assistant, the option to "Prompt user for authentication when accessing site" is greyed out, and it uses the build-in guest account by default. I have confirmed that my privilege sets have the php extended privileges turned on. Any ideas on how I can enable the "prompt users for authentication" option? Thanks! Jasmine
  2. Yes, the images are in a completely separate database file. Again, the images display when they're not in a portal; it's only when trying to display in a portal that they don't appear. Here's the database. Log into the "pompeii_admin_gui" as a guest. You start out in the "images" layout. Images display properly. Now switch to "Houses", "Rooms", "Floors" or "Walls", and those images which are supposed to appear in the portals are just broken images. The extended privileges are set on all 3 databases ("data", "images", and "gui"). Otherwise, IWP wouldn't work at all }:(
  3. I'd be glad to test your solution in Leopard 10.5 for you if you care to share it :
  4. Hello, Embedded (not referenced) images in portals show in FMP, but not within the IWP portals. When the image is outside of a portal in IWP, it displays properly. Right-clicking where the image should be allows me to copy the url (ie:, but going to that url manually doesn't show the image, either -- the "page" just throws back the url. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks!
  5. I should have know that I did something silly. It worked perfectly... thank you!
  6. Thank you for the suggestion, but that yields an empty field. Perhaps I'm missing a relationship?
  7. Hello, I'd like to add a field to my Images table with a calculated list of Subjects that appear in the image. I'd prefer it as a calculated field in the Images table so it can be added to a portal in a different database which selects multiple Images for something like an album. Data Structure w/ Relevant fields: Images table -ID ImageSubjects table (record creation/deletion by Images allowed) -ImageID (joined with Images::ID) -SubjectID SubjectsList table -ID (joined with ImageSubjects::SubjectID) -Name Data entry in Images allows the selection of mul
  8. I bit the bullet and am recreating all of my dbs using copies of the sample. Thank you for trying :
  9. There are no layout restrictions in any of the databases. Yes' date=' the sample db works as expected. I've identically mirrored the users and privileges from the sample database into my databases and it still doesn't work. I created a test database, and after setting up the users and privileges identically to the sample database, it did not work. I just copied the sample database and added the tables of one of my databases in it, and it worked, but I'd rather not have to recreate my table structures and forms in the sample db (lots of tables and complex relationships).
  10. I've tried a couple of things: 1) Guest and Admin accounts enabled. Each user has fmiwp extended privileges. 2) Created a "Web" privilege set with everything enabled. Assigned to Guest. Removed fmiwp from Admin. This is the setup that's in the FMServer_Sample.fp7 database. Neither work with my databases, though #2 works only on the sample database, which is making me wonder if it's really a permission set at all.
  11. Yes, each of the files (1 gui and 2 data) have the fmiwp turned on the Extended Privileges for each user.
  12. Hello all, I'm new to IWP and was hoping you could help me with a (hopefully) simple question. My database (which uses the separation model) is accessible via IWP, but all of the buttons to add, edit, etc. are greyed out. Permissions on my gui and data files are fine, users are set up fine -- it all works fine in FMP, but not when accessing it via IWP. Any ideas? Thanks! Jasmine
  13. I had a similar problem, and determined it was privileges. I had set up users with varying sets of privileges set up in the gui file, and received the error when returning to the browser. The problem went away when I mirrored the users in the data file. Not sure if there's an easier way to mirror users (manually will get tedious after a while), but it was my quick fix.
  14. Thank you very much for your response. The wall table is necessary because each wall also has specific data associated with it.
  15. Thank you very much. I'm new to FMP (but not to db programming), so I'll check out FMP's scripts. Thanks for the lead!
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