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  1. Hi, Today I started up my server admin console, and the overview screen reported that "an error was encountered communicating with the server" and the Web server panel is red. However, PHP is listed as 'on' and all my websites seem to be running fine. The database host is a Windows Server 2008 SP2, FMSa -- this server also hosts the websites using an standard, out-of-the-box IIS deployment. I've not changed anything since yesterday -- no updates to the OS, FMS, IIS or Java, and I've not played with the firewall, changed IPs or anything! There's no errors that I
  2. I am trying to use the sendmail script step while specifying the SMTP server. The mail get sent OK, however the message header isn't formed correctly. The message-id is something like: Message-ID: i.e. without a server or a domain. This means that many (most?) spam-traps block the mail as suspicious -- a malformed header under RFC 2822 guidelines. Here's an example from a Baracuda server: //////////////////////////// X-Barracuda-Spam-Report: Code version 3.2, rules version Rule breakdown below pts rule name description ---- --------
  3. Custom value lists are OK, but it relies on contraining the searching to certain layouts where I've set up a search portal -- it'd be nice to be able to set these rules for any old find in any layout. Cheers! J.
  4. Is it possible to create a custom indexing rules? I know exactly what I need, and which character to treat as others!
  5. The indexing language is English -- we're an international school, with about 70 differnt nationalities!
  6. I'm having a problem trying to find on names containing the Scandinavian 'ø' character. On FM6, this was treated as a match for a regular letter 'o' (i.e. a search for 'Hof' would return both 'Høffer' and 'Hoffmann' in the found set). We then upgraded to FM server 8 and client 8, and the character was treated as a distinct letter (i.e. you would have to remember to search for 'H*f' to be sure to find both names. I couldn't find a solution for this at all, and I wasn't sure whether it was occuring at the level of the field, file, application or even the OS (Windows Server 2003).
  7. Hi, As a quick fix I set filemaker to run under compatability mode (Windows Vista SP2) and it's now working fine. The new Windows 7 wizard for setting up compatability mode was very helpful, by the way! J.
  8. I've just answered a similar question on: The Water Cooler » FileMaker Product Family » FileMaker Pro 10 » Windows 7 I'm getting random crashes with Windows 7 and FM10 Advanced on a Dell XPS laptop. Not my main computer, fortunately! I'm going to test a few other PCs, and I'll let you know what I find...
  9. I've just installed WIndows 7 Enterprise on a Dell XPS M1539. My FM10 Advanced now crashes after 3 minutes or so ("Filemaker has stopped working...." etc.) I only upgraded to Windows 7 this afternoon, so I haven't had a chance to see if there's a pattern to the crashes. I also need to try another couple of PCs to see if it's just the Dell -- the move from FM8 to FM9 on a Dell D830 required a chipset patch to prevent the "sort" script-step from causing the blue screen of death. Let's hope it's just this model of Dell laptop, or else my life is going to get very difficult!
  10. Hi, Thanks for the quick replies, but no luck I'm afraid. I uninstalled Java, and installed v6_7, then restarted the server, but no difference. The FM service appears to be running normally -- plus my databases are being successfully hosted. It's not a v9/v10 conflict, as the machine has never had any FM server or client installed. This makes me quite nervous about upgrading to 10 -- I like the Java interface, but I've always been a bit nervous about it, being the only way to manage the server fully, Another link in the delicate chain... Cheers!
  11. I've just installed FMSA 10 on Windows 2K3. When I try to run the server admin assistant (e.g. http://localhost:16000) I get the response "FileMaker Server has encountered an error: The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request." Ports 16000, 16001 and 5003 are open on the firewall, and I've also tried turning the firewall and antivirus off. I've tried repairing and even reinstalling the FMSA, all without success. However, databases are being served successfully, and I can use the fmsadmin command-line tool to do basic admin tasks. Is
  12. Hi, Sympathies - I have just had the same problem. A related problem discussed on the forums (http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/193560/ ) indicates that it's a known FM9 bug. Cheers, J
  13. Hi, I've just clean-installed a second FM9avd server and I'm experiencing the same problem. Navigating to http://localhost:16000 starts to open the console, but it remains minimised. If you maximise it, it shows a blank grey window. If I close this window and try to open the admin console again, it tells me that another user is already running the console -- however, I can't find the correct service/process to kill. This is bizarre, as the FM server service is running fine -- I can see the server in remote hosts, and open the demo database without difficulty. I just can'
  14. I've had this same problem with v8.5 and v9 on both XP and Vista clients. I first spotted it when I converted a file from v6 (where everything worked as expected) to v8 (where it produced the 'Manhattan Skyline' effect you show). I'm afraid I have found no solution, other than to stagger the fields slightly, so that they are not aligned horizontally. This sliding then worked, more or less, but it still showed the first empty repitition as a fine double line. In the end I disguised the double line effect by making it look like part of the layout design, adding double lines elsewhe
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