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  1. Thanks again. Having a field in the dates table for each item will prove difficult as a modest system offers 300 items for hire, as well as the facility for items to be added or removed by the users. The current system is scripted on a per item record basis using script triggers but there are a number of scenarios where adjusting the quantity or type of item on one line has multiple effects on line items in other orders. e.g. increase/decrease of qty, item change, date change, job cancelation The efficiency of my current version, along with the prevention of erroneous calculations
  2. not sure if I follow... I do have a table of available stock levels for each item yes
  3. setting gProductID in the dates table only gives us data for the ONE itemID we're dealing with. Ultimately I want a calculation field in the order items record without having to change anything
  4. Thanks comment Apart from the dates architecture this is what I have. The calculation in the dates table gets the sum per day from the second table, allowing a cal in the first table to get the max of all days This still requires setting the global auxiliary field in for each individual record, I hope to make it dynamic I'm working on a file to demonstrate...
  5. I have been building/maintaining a stock control system for a number of years now. Part of the system allows hire stock to be booked to an order and calculating from inventory stock levels and other orders in the same time period, and reserve x amount of available items. I have a working version of this that I would like to improve with the forums help. The current version works as follows; Table "Orders" A table with orders in, and a daughter table of order items. Table "Order Items" Each order line has a qty field a start timestamp and an end timestamp Table "Dates" T
  6. I have a system that logs radio frequencies. For each frequency I need to compare with all other frequencies and all results of calculations. The calcultaions are achieved using 2 frequencies; Therefore f1(frequency 1) needs to be compared with f2, f3, ... fn and have all 4 calculations performed f1 vs f2, f3 ... fn and the results of which compared against f1,f2,f3 ... fn I am trying to achieve this through relatoinships alone, but see how to without a relationship for every frequency Any ideas? Many thanks
  7. each aircraft has a different price for each different lesson eg Aircraft 1 - Lesson Type 1 - £1 Aircraft 1 - Lesson Type 2 - £2 Aircraft 1 - Lesson Type 3 - £3 Aircraft 2 - Lesson Type 1 - £2 Aircraft 2 - Lesson Type 2 - £5 Aircraft 2 - Lesson Type 3 - £2 Aircraft 3 - Lesson Type 1 - £5 Aircraft 3 - Lesson Type 2 - £21 Aircraft 3 - Lesson Type 3 - £4 Each time a new lesson type is added a field needs to become available for each aircraft..........
  8. I may be having a bit of a senior moment here but wanted to put a question out to the room....... I need to create a price list. SImple enough eh?! This list should have 2 'sets' of management. Firstly should be a list of aircraft, priced per hour second is a list of types of lessons in those aircraft each aircraft has a different price for a different lesson etc the management should be able to add aircraft and lesson types as they see fit. how would you approach this?
  9. thanks, so would you import user name and then set to change password at first log in? my one client has this file running on FMS and we use EA with ease. Am I correct in thinking there is no work around for EA without FMS?>
  10. I have a solution which several customers have their own, identical, versions of. As I continued developing the system, I need to find a way to keep my clients accounts on the live files, in line with any new files I distribute. Are there any recognised or recommended methods for copying or importing user accounts from one file to another? Advance thanks.
  11. Thanks Vaughn, I have server so this will all be cool, not sure where I dreamt up using another fmp file, ah well! Thanks again
  12. External Authentication exactly...... can this be done via another fmp file? if so how?
  13. Did I imagine it or can I manage security of a file via a separate file which contains just users? Both files to be hosted on the server. FMP11
  14. this way each time I release an updated file I don't have to go in and make all of the tweaks that personalise the one clients system there is no data in the layouts file, it's purely formatting.
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