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  1. Hi Maker Just wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this, because i have exactly the same problem, (though in my case the colour is blue, not red) and I can't get to the bottom of it. Any help or advise would be great, Milt
  2. Thanks for your suggestions - a good help. Regards Milt.
  3. Hi everyone I have three fields which are set not to allow data entry in browse mode. Occasionally I need to be able to edit these fields, so I have to switch to layout mode, select the fields, check them to allow data entry, go back to browse mode, make the changes, back to layout, change back to disallow data editing, back to browse mode. It's all a bit of a hassle. Is there a way this can be scripted? Many thanks Milt
  4. Hi everyone I apologise - I suspect I am posting this in the wrong place, but I wasn't sure where would be better. I open an image in Preview using this script, but is there any way to control where the image opens? Perform AppleScript ["tell current record try set m to cell "c_Mac_path" tell application "Preview" to open m end try end tell "] Perform AppleScript ["tell application "Preview" activate end tell"] Thanks for any suggestions Milt Mac Snow Leopard Filemaker V11
  5. Hi Everyone I have a script which prints a couple of documents. In fact the 2 documents are very similar and actually started out life as the same layout which was slightly modified to give the 2 versions. The script worked fine, and was set to print double sided, and really worked faultlessly until the other day, when, inexplicably the 2nd report would only print single sided. It took quite a while before I realised that the size of the footer was smaller in the rogue layout, and when I made both footers the same size normal service was resumed. I have no idea how the footer w
  6. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone is printing onto small labels suitable for ticketing items of jewellery? I would appreciate some general tips, such as what label stock you use and what printer. I am using Filemaker v10 and OS X Thanks in advance Milt
  7. Hi everyone I hope I am posting this in the correct place - apologies if not. I have a couple of fields in my database, call them field A and field B. Field A contains a file name which may or may not start with letters but always contains an underscore and then some numbers. I need to copy the numbers after the underscore to field B. How should I best go about doing this. Many thanks Milt
  8. Many thanks for all the posts - I have got it working now. Regards Milt
  9. Hi Everyone I am a real beginner at scripting and, really, Filemaker in general. I am trying to write a script that will save a record (an invoice) as a PDF. My problem is that I don't know how to give the PDF a unique name, ideally the invoice number (which is a field on the layout). Any help would be gratefully received. Regards Milt
  10. Thanks very much for that - the text is reliable and *"text" was exactly what I was looking for, and it works perfectly. Many thanks Milt
  11. Hello everyone I have had created a jewellery database which currently contains approx 10,000 records. I am having trouble completing a certain find, and I show an example below: Cluster rings are entered into the database in the following fashion: 7st diamond cluster 9st diamond cluster 7st sapphire and diamond cluster 13st ruby and diamond cluster etc etc If I want to just find all the diamond clusters searching for diamond cluster doesn't work as it will find the ruby and sapphire rings too. Searching on literal text "7st diamond cluster" doesn't work becau
  12. Thanks very much for that - a lot of what you say has gone over my head, but, now that I have a goal, I can read, research and learn. Many thanks Milt
  13. Hello everyone I am a complete novice trying to design a database to control the distribution on stock between 7 locations. One field in the database, which is there for my benefit, is a sequential number which increases by one with each new record. Each location also needs their individual stock allocation to be numbered sequentially. How do I design a second field, which will take the last number used for any location and add 1. Any help, advice or a pointer to a specific url or tutorial would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Milt
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