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  1. Thanks for the help Mr_Vodka! Turns out it was another kind of newbie issue. Apparently Filemaker 9's automatic conversion of my FM 6 databases didn't add a .fp7 to the end of the files, and consequently fMS 9 didn't see them! Problem solved! -Phil
  2. Yes, using the "upload database" assistant in FMS 9. Potentially dumber question: Isn't that the only way to add a database to be shared? Thanks, Phil
  3. Hey Everyone, This is likely a dumb newbie question, and the answer is likely to rtfm, but I'm hoping someone might be able to help out as I'm concurrently trying to learn FM 9, develop a new FM 9 database for our business, and migrate our data from FM 6. So we've been slowly creating a new database for our business using Filemaker 9 via Server 9. Currently we are still running Filemaker 6 clients connecting to a Filemaker Server 5.5 running OS 9 (Don't laugh...it actually works well!). I'm slowly trying to migrate data and sections of the database. I've converted some of
  4. Fitch, You know everything! That's totally awesome. Thanks for the help once again!
  5. Hey Guys, This may be the stupid newbie question of the month, but I have one report I'd like to do in landscape layout but the rest of the database is portrait and I can't seem to be able to do this? Everytime I change the orientation in that report it changes the whole database. Is it possible...and how? Thanks! -Phil
  6. Hi guys, I'm a relative newbie to Filemaker and have found myself managing and trying to improve upon our existing Filemaker 6 database (using Server 5.5). I work for a company that rents out Macintosh and other computers for tradeshows, training sessions, etc. As a result, one of our most important tasks is keeping track of when equipment comes in, goes out, and when these rentals need attention. The owner of the company had designed the database with the Sart Date/End Date/Action Date as all one field so that he could search one date and find everything...with obvious limitations.
  7. Fitch & Robert, I must sincerely thank the both of you. Your patience and willingness to help me out were pretty outstanding. I was able to get that search working and I'm very grateful! What a great forum I've found here! -Phil
  8. "You could try putting a Custom Dialog command in front of what Fitch has already shown you- this would allow you to enter a date.The set Field "" command will make sure that the date entry box is empty every time you run the script SetField [gdate} ; ""] Show Custom Dialog ["Please enter search date]; Gdate] " Hi, thanks for the reply, but I'm too novice to understand what the semicolon and "" functions are and how to set them? Thanks!
  9. Ok. Here's what I have so far that isn't working: I want to have a Date Field I can enter a date into called "Search Date" I would like to be able to enter a date value for this Search Date and have a script pull up all of the records for: Commencement Date End Date Action Date Can I do this?
  10. Ok, sorry. I figured out that that means global date... But how do you do both as you showed? i.e. [start date; gdate] Thanks! -Phil
  11. Thanks so much! I hate to be a pest, but what is gdate?
  12. Hi Guys, I run a Macintosh computer rental company and am trying to finally update my database. I would like to create a button or field that searches for all records that begin, end or have an action date (will be all differernt fields) for a specific date which I enter. In other words, I'd like to be able to enter today's date and view all of my computer rentals that either start today, end today, or have some sort of action flagged for today. Can this be done? And how? Many thanks in advance...I'm quite desperate! : -Phil
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