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  1. Hello, I'm using filemaker's built in Google Maps (US) to render a map from an address I have in my filemaker solution. I want to be able to put a circle within the rendered map and also some text. I cannot figure out how to make filemaker do that. Is there such a way or what are my options if there is not a way?
  2. Hello, I have a user running Filemaker 14 on Windows 10 that when they are using our database in Table View and scrolling, clicking on different records records begin to overlap each other. Which will get worse as it progresses until scrolling completely out of the current screen and then scrolling back. I have attached a video that shows it better than what I can put into words. It was also working the same way on Filemaker 13 on Windows 7, I also changed computers, exchanged monitors and mice, none of which fixed the issue. I assume it has to be something the user is doing? Any help wou
  3. Hello and Thank You! Our barcode scanner does not have programming functionality and the barcodes we scan are different sequences of numbers and letters at various number of characters. It does automatically go to a new paragraph at the end of the scan, or working with excel spreadsheets will go to the next cell. Does that help?
  4. Hello All, I'm using Filemaker 13 Advanced and have a solution in which we use a barcode scanner on a laptop running window 7. The barcode scanner is wireless and we are checking in products that have a model number (field 1) and serial number (field 2) into our database. The person checking the products, scans the model number, then has to go back to the computer and tab to the serial number, scan the serial number, and then go back to the computer and go to the next field. I'm looking for a way that when the first barcode is scanned, filemaker just automatically goes to the next
  5. You were both correct, changing it to a csv file AND putting in an export order did the trick!
  6. Hello, Â I've been trying to create a server side script that will run daily on a windows 2003 server using Filemaker server 10. The script is suppose to export it to an excel file. (I then what it to be emailed to me, but one thing at a time). It never saves to the file location on the server, i've tried every "filewin" combination I could think of. Doing some research and tried a $variable and still cannot get it to save on the server. Is there a windows settings that may be preventing filemaker server from saving to a location? Script picture attached.
  7. I have a filemaker solution that extracts website html from different sites and puts them into a field and it would be SO much easier to use the html in that field if all the spaces and carriage returns throughout the field were gone, I've tried like the trim4 custom function, but couldn't make it work. Any suggestions, I've attached a sample file below. SampleB.fp7.zip
  8. Still having trouble reproducing the results. Do you have the repaired file?
  9. No Dice, I've added a sample file, yet cannot get it deleted with that set of code SampleA.fp7.zip
  10. I have a text field called "Sample HTML Code" that contains the following contents: <tbody class="result"> <tr> <td> <span>Price not displayed.<span class="tiny"> <a href="/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&amp;docId=174014">Why?</a></span></span> <div class="shipping_block"><span class="price_shipping">+ $150.00</span><span class="word_shipping">shipping</span></div> <tbody class="result"> <tr> <td> <span class="price">$1,616.42&
  11. "<td class=\"total-col\">¶<span class=\"f\">¶$" Thought of this one before and tried this exactly as such but with no results. It might be prudent to say that I have successfully made this function and calculation work to extract prices from Amazon and Ebay, but for some reason this google shopping page has just given me fits. I've uploaded a Sample file, probably should have done that in the first place. Sample.fp7.zip
  12. Here is the custom Function: // ParseData ( theText; theStartTag; theEndTag; theOccurance) // // Extract the text between two strings. // // Parameters: // theText = the text to parse // theStartTag = the string that comes before the text to extract // theEndTag = the string that comes after the text to extract // theOccurance = the instance of the text to extract // // Return Value: // the instance of text found in theText beween theStartTag and theEndTag based on theOccurance // Let ( [ theStartPos = Position ( theText ; theStartTag ; 1 ; theOccurance )
  13. So I have a calculation that extracts website html into a field in filemaker called "Hal Google Code". I then have a calculation that I'm trying to run to extract/parse part of that code from between a beginning and end point and the end result should actually be a price, here is part of the html code in which I'm trying to extract the price in bold and underlined: <td class="condition-col"> <span class="f">New</span> </td> <td class="taxship-col"> <span class="f"> <nobr>No tax</nobr> + <nobr>Shipping: $99.00</n
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