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  1. Ocean West, thanks so much. I had this working in a few minutes. very nice.
  2. Yup, it was the calculation storage. I thought globals always recalculated, but I guess not. Thanks so much. My admin buttons now show up only for admin staff. cheers, ~Mike
  3. Thanks BruceR, sorry to delay responding. hmm. I have them as globals. but I guess it doesn't matter if every record has the field, as it will all be the same. I'll try it with the Recalculate option instead of global. I'm not sure what KB 7161 means though. Thanks for your input.
  4. I have some navigation buttons in a portal row which displays them if Get(Extended Privileges) = "AdminButtons" This is from The Missing Manual book. It worked for a while, then I'm not sure what happened. Today, I'm testing it and regardless of which account I'm logged in as, GetExPriv returns "AdminButtons" even when I'm logged in under an account that does not have that extended privilege assigned. I read a bit about calculations on Host vs Client, but this function is supposed to be one of the exceptions to that problem. Nonetheless, I've been quitting Filemaker in between log
  5. thanks for responding bcooney. funny, the guy who originally built this db's last name is Cooney. go figure. I did check that the next serial number was higher than the highest existing value, but thanks, because I didn't think of it until after I posted. Alas, that's not what was wrong, because I didn't change it, and it started working. again, go figure. anyway, thanks a lot.
  6. well, I don't really know what I did, but it's working now. I have the field on the layout, but hidden. No idea why this was a problem or why it's working now.
  7. I updated a db from fp5 to fp7 and am having trouble with the auto enter serial number. the db has an item# Field(auto enter serial, under the hood, unique,no user mod) that has never been on any layout in either version. Now that I've imported all my records and done tons of expansion work, the most basic thing is preventing this from working. When I try to add a new inventory record, I get a message about that Field not being on this layout. It's never been on a layout, and shouldn't be. it's under the hood. every other db I have does has an auto enter serial under the hood and n
  8. What is the protocol here? Do I need to mark this thread "Solved" somehow? I didn't see an option to edit my original post... just curious.
  9. Thanks, Comment and Fenton, Available Menu Commands was set to Edit Only. not sure how I missed that. I'll have to do some custom menus I guess. not sure what kind of logic would remove Show All, Find, & Sort from an "Edit Only" context. I mean, if I want to edit records, I need to be able to find and sort. go figure... many thanks, ~Witz
  10. thanks, do you mean in the Custom Menu settings? I deleted my attempts at custom menus, but I think this may have started when I tried to create some. I tried a simple script upon login that would check for the menu set Set Variable $menu with the result from Get(CustomMenuSetName) that displayed in a custom dialogue box, but it came up blank. I'm assuming that is proof that there are no custom menus engaged. I didn't see a Get function for standard menus, I assume because if it's not custom, it's standard. hmm?
  11. Hi. Sorry, I'm not sure where this topic should be placed. I have a problem with one of the privilege sets I've created. When I log in with an account with this privilege set, all the icons at the top are greyed out, Show All, Find, Perform Find, Cancel Find, etc. All of my scripted find buttons work, but I can't use command keys like Command-F or Command-J, and the icons are inactive. does anybody know where this is set? I tried setting the privileges so that all scripts were "executable only" This seems to be a problem in all tables, even ones where the user can see all
  12. Thanks. I always solve these things right after I post in a forum. The extracted filename had a Paragraph Return at the end. Once I Substituted that with "", it works fine. HOWEVER, Now all the images that have been bulk imported from a file, they don't retain their proportions in IWP. The only way I get proportions properly is by manually linking them. I think the problem might be that I first import the folder into a table that has fields that extract the inventory number from the filename, then I import them to the inventory table with the extracted the inventory number as t
  13. hi. I have two problems currently. I have a text field called Filepath that is a calculation field that returns Text. calculation is simply that Filepath = thumbImage (which is a container field) If I insert a REFERENCE to a file into thumbImage manually, I get this sort of result but if I import a folder of images, AS REFERENCES, I get this: so, I was used to the difference when I EMBEDDED the pictures, versus Referencing them, but I did not expect a difference when I did a bulk import with references. anyway that isn't much of a problem until the next c
  14. OK, tech support solved it with an inelegant protocol. so what that means is DON'T START WITH YOUR IMAGES IN YOUR SERVER FOLDER. These instructions seem to assume that you read them AFTER you set up your db with filemaker. so what you have to do is this: 1) Put the images in your FilemakerPro/Web folder (which is most likely in your Applications folder where you probably should be unaccustomed to storing data) 2) insert the images as a linked reference (I'm doing this on a remote machine, not the server) 3) Move or copy or preplace the same image files in your Serve
  15. Hi, I've got a db of inventory records with linked reference images. they show up in IWP, but, even though I have "maintain original proportions" checked, they distort to fill the container's shape. The WEIRD thing I can't figure out is that SOME of the images are not distorted. about 3 out of 400 are not distorted. I've opened them in photoshop and compared. all are 72dpi rgb jpgs, all lo resolution, roughly 700 pixels max, all less than 200kb. I can't figure out if there is some problem with my images? or if there is some problem with my container settings. They show up perfectly
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