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  1. That was one amazing technique. Thanks! Though, I can't seem to put my finger on how you do the dynamic flag/ sort icon. I found " $$sort_icon <> 1 " under the conditional formatting and <<$so>> on the layout if you don't mind sharing that with us Thanks again!
  2. Thanks, Did you get a chance to try it out? for some reason "In focus state" does not work in Tabs for me
  3. the only thing that works are "normal state" and "hover" I don't know how "press" works and "in focus" doen't seem to work either
  4. Thanks, As you can see from your file, both active and inactive Tab label/header and body color has one color but from the original Contacts.fmp12, inactive Tab Label/header has dark grey color, while the active body has light grey (2 different color) I need to know how Filemaker did that, afterall this is their starter template.
  5. Thanks, that's one way to "patch" it up but I wanted to know how Filemaker did it anyone?
  6. Hello FM Gurus From starter template Contacts.fmp12 , can someone please tell me how to change background color of a tab panel without changing the header? When I tried to change the background on the tab control, the header "work address" changed as well. attached is the sample file Thanks in advanced y'all Contacts.zip
  7. How can I fix my IWP interface icon? How do I get rid of that black box behind my icon? its always appear on my IWP interface Normal Filemaker icon IWP icon
  8. why not, i thought this is a place to share?...no?
  9. Guess I got the wrong impression when i read this FileMaker Go connects to databases hosted by FileMaker Server/Server Advanced 11 and 10 and FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced 11 and 10. Previous versions of these products have not been tested. http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-pro/pro-11-specifications.html#fmgo
  10. in a simple word, no runtime for Go. so what makes it different than a Web browser. With the fact that database still need to be hosted, plus $40. Web browser = Free FmGo = $40
  11. I have container field that contain pdf file. is it possible to append new pages to that pdf?
  12. how do people secure their runtime? anyone?
  13. okay i guess i wasnt that clear one table with mainID as primary key i use the "validate by calculation" now we all know thats not good enough
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