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  1. Cabinetman I have been using from FileMaker 3 but i have never needed to name layout objects. So simple figures i missed it. Thanks. Carfax this is what i have so far. Ignore spelling errors on variables. As long as i can read them i normally don’t go back and fix them. Anyone with a better understanding please feel free to comment. "https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=" & SMPT::Paypal Account & "&" & "quantity=1&" & "item_name=Diplomas+Order+" & Payment Account Log::CCI_Buisiness Name & "&" & "invoice=" & 1 & "&amount=" &am
  2. Ok i have the WebViewer working and i can make payments through PayPal. I am trying to use the GetLayoutObjectAttribute("webviewername";"content" ) to get the content of the PayPal page after the payment has been processed If i put the above function in how it is formated it returns nothing. I assume that i need to put the “name” of the WebViewer in but have no idea how to locate this. Once i get the content from the WebViewer i will need to locate the the Transaction ID: on the page and extract it to a storage variable on the database. I think i can get that to work but a
  3. Thank you this information is very helpful.
  4. FileMaker Pro 10 Advance I am not even sure if the is this right place to post this but here we go. I am working on a program that i would like to integrate with PayPal so that payments can be made for an order. It is fully functional with the exception of the PayPal integration. I don’t have any idea where to even start. This is the gap i need to fill though. Click make payment button - FileMaker sends $ amount to PayPal Costumer makes payment on PayPal - FileMaker receives some kind of conformation Once confirmation is received the program continues doing what it sho
  5. Ok not all the menus disappeared/stopped working. Only the one with the close command in it. I would like to enable the close function on the windows (Little red circle on the top left for the mac and the red "x" on the the top right corner for windows). Including the "close" command in the menu system apparently does not work. In fact it does not even display in a custom menu set when it is built into a runtime. Does anyone know a way of enabling the close buttons?
  6. Ok I have been working on a solution for the last few weeks and am now at the the point that i am making it a runtime solution. The problem is that the file dependent on custom menus that contain a link to one script the close window command and the print command. That is all that is in the custom menus and it works great when opened with FMP 10 advance. However when i build the runtime solution it displays the title bar with the custom menu headers at the top but the menu does not appear (drop down) when the header is clicked or hovered over clicked. Help anyone....
  7. Thanks that worked, I tried some more things with yahoo but was unsuccessful. Gmail not problem. If anyone else is having problems get a free gmail account.
  8. Thanks for the reply Ted S, I have a "Plus” account.... Does anyone have an account that supports the SMPT with another email provider?
  9. Correct me if i am wrong as I am very new to using SMTP. It is my understanding that Filemaker Pro 10 can use SMTP to send email directly. I am currently trying to get the SMPT settings in FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced to send messages through my Yahoo account. I have Yahoo Mail Plus and have it is working with a few other programs on both a mac system and a PC windows system. The file I am working on is running on a MAC OS X 10.5.6. I have the following fields in the SMTP set up screen.... - User Information - Name: “MyName” E-Mail Address: "MyAccount@yahoo.com" Repl
  10. Thanks Bcooney, For some reason I must not have been directing the import to the *.USR file. :doah:
  11. I like what you have for locating the old file. I also don’t think I articulated myself correctly. I know that runtimes can import data I just need to figure out how to import data from a runtime. When I said I had an import script I meant that it will import from a filemaker file (*.fmp7) not a runtime file. When I try to import from a runtime it does not show any files and when I select the *.* then select the files in the runtime file it is kicking back errors. Perhaps my knowledge of the file types (*.filetype) is not up to par. I think I am missing something simple wh
  12. Updating a Runtime Solution I have been lurking and searching multiple forums off and on for the last year in an attempt to find an example on how best to accomplish the updating of a runtime solution. With in the next month I am preparing to release the first phase of my project but I want to make sure that I have a method for updating before I begin. Quick description: I am developing a student / billing / attendance / and a lot more database… This is an ongoing project that will be distributed as each portion reaches completion. I am still adding fields and tables so the sep
  13. I am having the same problem… Did you find a solution? If so what was it? Also I am building my Database into a Runtime App. The help file is very limited with information in this area and I am diligently searching this forum for information on how I need to tweak my import script to import from an old Runtime App to an upgrade Runtime App. Any constructive help would be realy appreciated. Thanks
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