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  1. Thanks for answer! Do I just drop all of the html directly into the calc field? When I've tried to do that it simply shows all of the html code (in the Form mode, for example) instetad of rendering it in html. Am I missing something?
  2. Hello All - I am using the Productive Computing SendMail plug-in with FM 8 and Outlook. I have a working scrip to pull certain data for customized emails to customers that get routed through my Outlook email account. However, I cannot figure out how to create html emails (nothing fancy, just good looking fonts and maybe a couple of vector graphics). I'm pretty sure there is a way to configure the plug-in to send html email, but there are no clear instructions (at least to me) on the Productive computing website. Can anyone offer help?
  3. unfortunately the data comes out of a proprietary salon software program . . I export to Excel and then import to FMP
  4. As you may have guessed, I have been trying to find a way to do this within one table (using self-joining relationships and sorting). I was resisting setting it up exactly as you had done because I already have other tables to store other client and service data and thought it would be less complex to do this within one table. As a side, I couldnt see an easy way of importing one daily excel file (tickets, times,services, client names, emails, etc) into multiple tables at one time. Is a multiple table format the only way you know of? If so is there an easy way to import the data from one
  5. That makes sense . . I have additional challenge in that the imported data does not always come in sequence of time. In other words, a ticket may contain 3 services starting at different times, but they may not necessarily be listed in chronological order. I can replicate what you have done to show the start time of the first service (using sorting) but i am also using a script that sends an email to each client. Though I can create a field that will find the first start time per ticket, I am still left with all of the records for each service in the table so my email script would send 3 em
  6. Thanks for the response. Is there any easy way for you to give me a tip on the type of calculation/field that I should create? I see that your model works but I cannot see how you did it. Thanks
  7. I run salon/spa where clients need reservation reminders. On a given DATE, a CLIENT has a TICKET with multiple SERVICES and multiple STARTTIMES Goal: I want to be able to select a DATE, and have the found set show the first STARTTIME for a given TICKET. I will then send a reminder email for that reservation time. Right now I can only get all services and all start times to show, so I have to manually go in and select the record with the first start time. Can anyone help (I am a newby, so please be specific). Thanks
  8. Thanks for the quick response! The code you pointed me to does work . . .. sorry to be such a "newby" but, my new calc is giving me both the 24 hour and 12 hour notation. Any chance you can see my error: ============================== "Dear " & Contact Management::First Name & ",¶¶ This message is to confirm your reservation for "& OpenTix::Time 12 hour &Mod( Hour (Time 12 hour ) - 1 ; 12 ) + 1 & ":" &Right ( "00" & Minute ( Time 12 hour ) ; 2 ) &Case ( Time 12 hour < 43200 ; " AM" ; " PM" ) &
  9. My data input file has time in 24 hour notation. I can format the "time" field such that it appears in 12 hour notation as a stand-alone. However, when I try to combine this field in a calculation (generating an email message with multiple fields - in this case reminding a client of an upcoming resrevation time), the time reverts to he 24-hour notation. Any ideas?
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