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  1. The technique doesn't appear to work well or consistently. I added a record but the data entry portal retained the record I created and subsequent typing merely replaced the text - not adding a new one.
  2. Hi Cabinetman, We had an exchange via email a year or more ago on this subject after your post. I bought the Troi plug-in (yeah, that cost an arm and a leg) but ultimately it looks like I'll be using the billproduction.com product that Jack linked to above. I'm testing it now on a windows 7 system w/ direct USB to a Fairbanks digital scale and in testing it works like a charm. The documentation is peculiar but VERY clear. I'll be implementing it this week on my clients with Windows. For my Mac clients I'll continue working with the Troi product. I got that working beautifully but ra
  3. efen, i appreciate the sample file, but your example doesn't work. it counts the number of detail records which only results in the correct count *if* there is only one detail per month. i'm trying to count the number of months w/ data, not the number of records. if there are sales on jan 1, jan 2, jan 3, jan 4 and no others, i want to see "1" month, not "4".
  4. Thanks! That was the post I was trying to find. Much appreciated.
  5. Usually, the portal is a 'child' table related to the 'parent'. You create the layout based on the parent table, then draw the portal. If you've done this, then you can create a calculation field in the parent table that references child fields and place that calculation on the layout (outside the portal). Are you looking to create a total of a portal field?
  6. I'm running into a problem reporting sales by month and counting the months with sales. The report has a sub-summary part that totals invoice detail rows using a month(invoice_date) break field. The 'body' is the invoice details, which we actually hide on the report. Some customers purchase only a few times each year and the challenge is to count the number of months (we want to use that count in various calculations, like avg-sales-per-month for that customer). The 'count' function only counts the records in the body (the invoice detail rows). So how the heck do I count the resulting mon
  7. Thanks John. I suspected as much. I'm reading up on suggestions in the other forums about how to implement version upgrades (I currently work at night or use scripts to import data to the new file.) I would greatly appreciate it if any user can point me to a resource, thread or whitepaper that discusses common practices in implementing upgrade solutions for FM9. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'd like to work on an application during the business day when users are actively working. Specifically, I'd like to edit layouts that may or may not be in use. Is there a risk of layout corruption or other reason not to actively develop a database in use? The alternative seems to be to work on a copy and have users connect to the new database or work at night. (Note, I searched the forums and can't find this topic - sorry if it's commonly asked.)
  9. Ouch. I discovered that last night - I had been falsely assuming that the portal was involved because i thought that FM was cacheing the record changes and only forcing a commit on portal exit. But as you say it's more insidious. It looks like I'll have to force data entry in a popup window and script the commit. How lame. I can't wait for FM to add event triggers. Thanks for your help.
  10. I've never seen the behavior before, and as I said it isn't a problem with other validation rules. I tried it in two different layouts, turned indexing on and off. No complex relationships either - just two tables involved. Real FMP 101. I figured somebody on this forum would've seen the behavior and say "oh, yeh, that's because FM doesn't yadda yadda so that happens with a portal that blah-dee-blah. Clearly I'm in uncharted waters.
  11. When I add or edit a record in a portal (FM9adv) one particular field validation rule doesn't trigger until I click outside the portal on the layout (Clicking on another row or adding multiple records doesn't seem to trigger it). The validation is for uniqueness on a field that has an auto-entered calculation. Other validation rules triggger as expected. This field is defined to validate 'Always'. Anybody have any suggestions?
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