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  1. That is exactly what I was looking for. I know how to set my tables and relationships starting from scratch, but I wasn't sure if a Lookup or Auto-enter or Replace Field Contents with a calculated value would be best in this case. Thank you.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have to update an old, rather large database with multiple relationships based on Names. I want to do it right and use Unique serials for the relationships. Can someone recommend some best practices for converting such relationships. Thank you.
  3. Hi I am by all means not a guru so there could be an easier way to do this, but here are my two cents. You can create a value list of the related employee IDs per each manager and then make your relationship starting from a calculation field that either shows the managers ID or the manager and all employee IDs, based on your selection in the radio button. I have attached an example. test.fp7.zip
  4. Thanks a lot. I don't know what you mean with the "forest and the trees", but yes, it does help. It gives me an easy way to get the different IDs for the same product for each subdivision and than I can use that list to set my selection (I added a Set Field to the Communities:Selected) and then go to the full list of related publications. I am attaching the finished file, in case anybody is interested. Thanks again for the help to you, LaRetta and BruceR. Have a great day. checkbox2.fp7.zip
  5. Correct. If they select directory, all directories from the list should be selected. It will just skip the communities that don't have one. Some kind of a loop that checks for "Directory" within the available products like a PatternCount of the ValueListItems, and then selects the "Directory". The selecting is where I get stuck, because I can't select the name, and the ID is different for each community.
  6. Hi, the customers are buying ads in the publications already existing for a community. I am only including a small piece of the solution because that is where I am stuck. For our purposes I am just trying to collect a paragraph return separated list of the IDs representing all selected products, that I can use for my relationships.
  7. Thanks for the interest and hope you can help. I am inhouse in a publishing company, where the customers should be able to select any number of products for any number of communities and create an order, so I need the ability to select single products separately or multiple products at once (the actual number of communities is about 150, so manual selection of the same product for all will be too slow.)
  8. Thanks. I revised the file you sent me to see how I am setup. Unfortunately I inherited a very complex solution which was build by a different person who set some relationships on Names and some on IDs. Which of course doesn't make my work any simpler I appreciate if you have another crack at it. checkbox.fp7.zip
  9. Thanks. This solution does what I am looking for. Please explain how you are doing it, because if I understand correctly it won't work in my case where each product for each community has a separate ID, i.e. the Directory for Abbots Pond is 1, but the Directory for Aberdeen is 2.
  10. Yes, I have set them up like that. There lies the problem. I have multiple communities with a checkbox set with available products for each of them. I can pick and choose one or multiple products for each community because each product of each community has a separate ID. But I can't select one product only for all communities. Please check out the screenshot. Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I have multiple checkbox fields on a layout. They are filled by a value list based on the product IDs in the back and the product names in the front, so the user can see the name when selecting and I would get the ID for my relationship. When there are a lot of selections though the users want to be able to select a product name for all checkbox fields, so I was thinking about replace field contents or a loop but I can't script the checkbox field to select a name? Can someone help with that? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Bruce, This looks really cool. However the sample I included is just a simple representation of I need to do. The actual cross tab report I need to do will be much more complex and should be "pretty", and the fact I don't know HTML prevents me from going this route. I hope there is another way this can be done with FileMaker tools only.
  13. Hi All, I need someone to push me in the right direction here. I have a number of Products (that can change) and a number of Discounts (that can change) and I need to create a Cross Tab report that displays each Product for each Discount, thus showing the product price after the discount. I tried with Calculated fields, Relationships, Portals, but nothing seems to work. Please give me a hint if you can. I am attaching a small sample database and a picture of what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks. Cross_Tab.fp7.zip
  14. You do realize that post was an April Fools joke, right? I think we all wish it was true though, had some very good points.
  15. Thanks for the help. I was working on the file you sent me and I think I figured it out. I am attaching it here for anyone that might have the same problem. Thanks Again. Filtered_Value_Lists.fp7.zip
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