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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I've been on holiday. Thanks both for your help. I've gone with GisMo's suggestion(s) as I was 85% there from the start, although I'll be looking at eos's method for other projects.
  2. Right...I'll have a play with that. I do already have a Dashboard layout as the individual sales reps log in and then are presented with the 'Home' screen that shows them companies that are assigned to them. The Dashboard layout is actually based on the reps table (table_nrm_Reps), but I'm not grabbing the logged in user on startup as you suggest, just using get(AccountName) on the fly where it's needed. I'll tweak what I've got with what you've suggested and see how I get on. Thanks again.
  3. I've got so far and am now stuck again. I must apologise as I made a mistake in my first post where I said "I have also provided the rather useless function of hiding the portal row when they're looking at the list of companies." This is not true. It's not a portal, it's just a list view layout based on table 'table_pri_Companies'. However, most of what you said struck true, so I have created a table as you suggested (shown in the attached image as 'table_join_HiddenCompanies'). This is working correctly in that when in the list view, clicking the 'Hide' button runs a script that c
  4. Yeah, that's the sort of thing I was trying to get to, but couldn't get get it straight in my mind. I'll give it a whirl and let you know how I get on. Thanks.
  5. I'm guessing then that there is a Get(RecordNumber) or similar script step. I'll have a look at putting that in a variable and see how I get on. Thanks.
  6. I have a little database that the sales people here can access via IWP (it's a FM 12 Advanced database). I have provided a function where they can look at a list of new companies, and assign themselves to those companies. This has the effect of showing that company on their Dashboard. I have also provided the rather useless function of hiding the portal row when they're looking at the list of companies. Useless, because as soon as they revisit the list, anything they've hidden comes back again. I would like to provide a feature where they can click the same 'hide' button, and that
  7. It sounds like you haven't got any validation in place. First step would be to make any relevant fields 'required' values. You can do this in the options of the individual field under 'Validation'. You can then create a validation message...something along the lines of, "You must enter a blah de blah". That should get you somewhere.
  8. I've been utilising slides and pop-overs for data entry to try a minimise the number of layouts needed. Working lovely so far. I have a 'Company' screen, that upon entering shows a 'view only'. It has buttons for 'Find', 'Edit' and 'New'. Clicking these reveals buttons pertinant to the button clicked. When you cancel find mode, you go back to the record you were previously viewing. These seems to be default behaviour...fine. When you cancel edit, you obviously go back to the record you were previously viewing...fine. When you cancel new, you go to the last record in the table/found s
  9. I'm on Mac Mavericks with FM 13 Advanced Pro. I've noticed that a small web viewer will result in this font size error. If you make the web viewer bigger (haven't tested for exact pixel sizes), you don't get the font size error. It resulted in me moving a small map web viewer from the front view of a company data layout, creating a new tab and plopping a bigger web viewer in there. That'll do as a work around for me. Maybe it will for you?
  10. I was close to this, but I think I see where I might have been going wrong. I wasn't creating the sub-summary part by the fields that defined the relationship, just the surname field. I'll try tweaking it as you've specified above and see if that works. Thanks for your help (and eos).
  11. Hi, I'm trying to achieve something I expected to be straightforward, but after banging my head on a brick wall for 24 hours it's time to aask for help. I have a fairly straightforward company table and a contact table. Related one to many as you'd expect. When browsing a layout based on the companies table, I can see all the related contacts via a portal. I've never really done any reporting, but I wanted to create a report layout that gives me the company details at the top, and lists the contacts underneath. I expected this to be relatively simple, but I can't get it to work.
  12. I understand the difference between field validation and script triggers. I use field validation all over the place to make sure telephone numbers are formatted correctly, email addresses are all lower case and have an '@' symbol and so on and so forth. My weakness is in the scripting side of things, so when it comes down to a problem that I'm struggling to solve (such as this one), I may not know the best way about doing it, and generally scan the script options to see what looks likely to help. As an example, this is the first time I have scripted an 'If' statement...I don't know how to
  13. I've finally figured out a way to do it with a simple script (everything's simple once it's figured out)! Essentially I've used on OnRecordCommit script trigger of the layout. An 'If' statement checks the count field, and if it's empty (or zero) it pops up with a custom dialog, then places the cursor in the portal field ready for entry. I then had to add another line 'Exit Script [Result: False]' so that the record didn't actually commit. These seems to work fine. I'll be wanting to move away from the custom dialog at some point as I'm looking at WebDirect and unserstand they don't
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