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  1. Oh, duh, o.k. then. Maybe I oughta kinda not have a global field for this 'cause I don't want to store the data but I wanna recalculate it. Geesh.
  2. Hello there, everybody. I'm trying to use the Get(FoundCount) calculation function to record the result of finds. I have a layout that shows records from a table called ClinicalProvided, but it's a search layout that also searches on fields from related tables. If I put a global field called FoundCount_G to calculate the found count in the ClinicalProvided table it always reports the total number of records. The same happens if I put a global field in the table where the search fields are recorded. Am I clear? I'll experiment some more and get back to you with more inform
  3. Thank you. I'm so looking forward to it!! | Thanks for guiding me through the mine field though. Cheers.
  4. Hello again, folks. Well, when I started this, my first filemaker database solution, I was advised to create several separate files for my initial database tables. Since then, I've learned that this was unnecessary and undesirable; the user passwords have to be updated for each of the files independently and that alone is enough to warrant consolidation. What would generally be the best way to go about consolidating many separate files into one database file? I was thinking of just importing the tables into identical tables that I create in the latest fmp file, which already contai
  5. O.K., I'll check those out. It's time for me to punch the clock though. 'Guess I'm faint at heart. : 'See ya tomorrow.
  6. Hello again, FM wizards and wise guys. Whenever I accomplish something there's something else waiting in the bushes behind it, ya know? Why is that? Anyway. . . Now that I've started to get the idea of using globals to perform scripted finds . . . I need to come up with a way of saving a record of the filter criteria so that if the found records are printed or otherwise referenced/used, the criteria won't be lost and forgotten. Please offer me all of your suggestions. Thank you.
  7. Oh, gee, nevermind. 'Works just the same, or at least your solution is working so far. Thanks!
  8. Hey, thanks for discussing this 'cause it's very close to what I need to do. O.K., now suppose it's a number range that I want to find and the fields are validated to be number only? How would I script a find for this? I've got two global fields set up, one is Start_g and the other is End_g; the globals correspond with regular number fields with validation as I stated. Now I want to be able to find all records with Start greater than Start_g and End less than End_g. Thanks again.
  9. Yep. 'Sorry I overlooked that. But thank you.
  10. Hello all. The kind young person who's testing my database form is having trouble copying information from one portal's field and into another portal's field. However, when I log in as administrator and use the same data entry form I can copy and paste as much as I like. The data entry user's account has privileges to change records in all tables and layouts, so I'm puzzled about this. Please offer me some ideas about what the problem might be? I mean other than that I'm a rank beginner who's in over his head, of course. I already know that. Thank you.
  11. Oh, thank you for the tip. Well, this part of the project is being put on hold anyway though; I've just learned that another DB project and our Laboratory Information Management system are going to take on this functionality. Well, let's see if their plans succeed . . . until I hear otherwise, this one sits on the shelf.
  12. I did envision that users would use the popup menu in the status area to navigate to the layout. However, I can't recall learning any other way for them to get there other than by a script in another layout; if they get there that way then I know I can just build the find into the same script. Hmm . . . I suppose I could build a separate layout as a kind of home page with buttons that bring up other layouts. 'Not sure that's the best solution though. I don't think the specifics of the layout are really relevant; but, it's a data entry form with many fields, most of which are in portals
  13. Hello all. I'd like to have a layout default to display a particular set of found records. Generally, how is this accomplished without requiring the user to click on a button? Thank you.
  14. Well, for now, the Left function will do the trick, Lee. I was concerned about the future when the number of digits might increase, but I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it. Let's end this post. Thanks for all of your advice.
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