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  1. It is a good suggestion. I will work in that way to meet the requirements. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks..I understood what you are trying to say. But then I need to keep two fields in the layout. One is like calculated estimated cost another one is estimated cost which user can modify. Is that only option?
  3. Thanks for taking interest in my problem. But right now the field is unstored calculation, how can I make it updateable field? I get error message saying field is not modifiable.
  4. I can not say I understood fully.. ) Anyways thank you so much for the help.
  5. Sorry..Might be my explaining way is not correct. Let me put it again. In VPN table i have following columns VPN Item Description Commodity Type Est Cost In MPN Table the columns will be VPN MPN ManufacturerCode Current Cost Minimum Current Cost(summary field, minimum of current cost) Since one VPN can have multiple MPNs minimum current cost is minimum current cost per VPN. Now in VPN table I have Est Cost which should take the minimum current cost from MPN table. If someone changes current cost of that MPN which is having minimum current cost and the mi
  6. I have a problem in defining a field hope someone leads me in right direction. Items are imported to our database. We have 2 tables to accomodate this information.VPN table and MPN table One VPN can have multiple MPNs. VPN and MPN tables are joined using VPN. In MPN table there is a column current cost. Now I want to have a column in VPN table called Target Cost. The conditions for Target Cost: 1.It should take the minimum cost of the MPNs. 2. In any case the minimum cost is changed(current cost of the MPN updated by User) and became higher than the existin
  7. Wow..great.. That exactly what I wanted. Thank you soo much for the help. Could you please explain me the script a bit.. In first three steps you are omitting the records with JUMPER WIRE.. In the second three steps you are find the records only with JUMPER WIRE 1.8D.. My confusion is how did the union work here?
  8. The query resulted in zero records Okay I will explain my problem again. We get BOMs from factory which are imported to our database.They contain many parts which we dont have to consider for our BOM calculation. Say we have some parts with the description for a bom SCW,M3X0.5P,P_SFW,L=10MM SCW,M3X0.5P,P_SFW,L=12MM JUMPER WIRE,0.6Dx7.5MM JUMPER WIRE,0.6Dx12.5MM JUMPER WIRE,0.6Dx27.5MM RES,CR,1K-OHM,5%,1206 DIO SW,100V,0.5W,DO-35,MOLDED GLASS JUMPER WIRE,1.8DX26MM,ADD TUBE I want following parts to be the result of my query SCW,M3X0.5P,P_SFW,L=10MM S
  9. But that is what i dont want to omit.That was the reason I put # condition there. I want to keep records with description JUMPER 1.8D and omit other records say JUMPER D2.0, JUMPER 0.8D etc. I can't just add a new request with JUMPER 1.8D because there are other items with description other than JUMPER for this BOM. Hope I'm clear this time.
  10. I'm sorry if I have not conveyed my problem properly.I tried the solution you have given but still all the items other than "JUMPER WIRE" "1.8D" also appear in my found set. Following are my script steps Go to Layout["BOM Data"] Show All Records Enter Find Mode[] New Record/Request Set Field[bOM Data::Model;"Test"] Set Field[bOM Data::Revision;"Rev1"] New Record/Request Set Filed[bOM Data::Item Description;"≠"& "JUMPER WIRE"*"1.8D" Omit Record Perform Find[]
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. But here the problem is I need to select the items to calculate BOM cost. The strings I have given earlier are item descriptions. I already have 2 search requests, model name and revision. I want to put up another condition such that items with item description other than "JUMPER WIRE"*"1.8D" are to be omitted. So how can i put a not condition here? Any thoughts?
  12. Hello, How to omit records using script which does not match particular sub string? For example if I have strings "JUMPER WIRE,0.6Dx12.5MM" , "JUMPER WIRE,1.8DX33MM,ADD TUBE" ,"JUMPER WIRE,D2.0,COPPER_02,BALM" I want to Omit records which does not match "JUMPER WIRE" and "1.8D" Thanks in advance
  13. Please check copy of my database for better understanding of my problem. BOM_Database.zip
  14. Please help me to correct the calculated fields. Brief summary of my problem. We import part numbers from external system to manage BOMs. First scenario: We import all part number information from extenal system 1. I have standard price and current price columns in my filemaker database wherein standard price is fixed for a part and current price is keeps on changing. For the first time when a part number is imported current price will be same as standard price. so I created stored a calculation field CurrentCost = If ( Current Cost ≠ 0; Current Cost;Standard Cost) Next time
  15. I have a table which containes fields such as partnumber, supplier, price etc. There can be same partnumber with different supplier and different price. How can i fetch records of those parts with minimum price? I have included a summary fieled 1 which is minimum(cost) and another calculated filed 2 GetSummary(1;PartNumber) I get all records with field 2 i get the currect minimum cost per part number. But how to omit other records? My script steps are Go To Layout Enter Find Mode[] --I have few conditions here Perform Find[] Sort Records based on part number
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