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  1. We get the same problem on our Windows Server 2003 installation with Active Directory. In our case, I found out (from the Filemaker knowledge base) that the warnings come up when the account is locally authenticated in the Filemaker file. That is, Filemaker first tries to authenticate the user to the domain and then checks the internal Filemaker accounts after the domain authentication failure. It's considered normal and is just how Filemaker does it.
  2. That's exactly what we did. Our server is 9 Advanced and our clients are a mixture of 8 to 9. The only issue is using new features like conditional formatting - the database will still behave normally on version 8, there just won't be the conditional formatting. We've been running since September or so with this mixed bag of clients and have been very happy with it.
  3. I am running Filemaker Server Advanced and trying to schedule a ScriptMaker Script to be run server-side. I have two databases: 1) testsRecords and 2) messagesDB. The testsRecords DB has a table from messagesDB in it (added as external datasource, fmnet). The script in testsRecords creates a new record in table from messagesDB and runs fine either on a client or through IWP. When I have the script run using a schedule on the server, however, I get a file is missing error (100) when it gets to the step where the record is created in the messagesDB. Is there any reason why server-side scripts can only access tables that are local to the database file that has the script?
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