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  1. I need to create a layout that shows the total price for # of feet of dust control applied. When a customer orders, their address record includes their county. The price by foot in each county is different. I'm trying to build an order/receipt page that shows: # of feet x rate = total I'd like to have that layout pull the county and automatically populate the rate for that county. Then I only need to put in the feet purchased and will have a calculated total. Does that make sense? If so, how do I achieve it? I know it has to be relatively simple but so far I'm no
  2. I'm not sure what I did but it's sort of working now. It's returning a value of 0 for those who bought single tickets and leaving the others blank. Thanks for the help! Sara
  3. Hey there, The fields each track the number of tickets of a certain type purchased by an individual. There are a bunch of different types - Adult Trio, Adult Applause, Discounted Adult Trio, Discounted Adult Applause, Student Trio, Student Applause... and then there are individual ticket sales for both Adults and Students. Someone could buy one or two or six of any of the ticket types. I don't need to total anything... I just need to identify and flag any records that involve the sale of individual tickets. This is the calculation I wrote: Number of Adult Tickets>0 or
  4. Hey everyone, I have a problem I'm hoping you can help with. I am trying to put a flag on my main layout that identifies if a constituent has purchased one (vs. multiple) tickets to our season of events. I've tried to use the "is empty" logic function but so far can't get it to work. For some reason it keeps "judging" fields names similar to the one I really want to use (i.e., "Adult Single Ticket Sold" v. "Adult Applause Ticket Sold").If the field "Adult Single Ticket Sold" is empty but the "Adult Applause Ticket Sold" is not, it returns a false response (i.e., that there was an Adult S
  5. Hey all, This is no doubt a really easy thing to do but it's making me pull my hair out. I need to set up a text calculation that says, basically: First Name & "and" & Partner First (if there is one) & Last Name The idea is to create a Full Name field. Most of the time there's no Partner First, so I need and If function in there, and the "and" to only appear if there's an actual Partner First. That's where I get thrown - the 'if' part. I'm having a heck of a time so any assistance would be appreciated. Sara
  6. Never mind, I figured it out. It helps a lot if you're referring to the correct table in the portal.
  7. Hey everyone, I wrote a little script to do an export, pause so the user could add information, and then import the file back. Not sexy, I know, but it (should) work until I really learn this stuff. It seems to work fine - sort of. It does the export, pauses, and even does the import without a problem. But then I go to the "main view" which has a portal to this table, and the newly added records don't appear. They do, however, appear in their "home" table. Could someone take a guess at where I've gone wrong? [color:blue]Perform Script ["Find Constituents Query"] Export Record
  8. Thanks, Nate! Hopefully my skills will grow to match all these resources. Sara
  9. Thanks for the help. I've tried putting your script into my database and changing the names to match my fields as required... it seems to do something (i.e., it's clearly moving through the records) but in the end I still have no new event records added. So obviously I've got something goofy. I've spent the morning ordering more books and looking at online training resources. So between them and very patient you, maybe I'll actually figure this out someday! Thanks again for the help.
  10. Thanks for your continuing help with this. I tried writing up the script as you described. I thought I understood it, but ended up in a big ol' loop, so clearly I did something wrong. Also, I cannot figure out how to set the "Exit after last" part. I realize I'm going to need some in-depth help here, so I went looking for any sort of 'local' training. No such luck. Apparently Iowa is a wasteland when it comes to FileMaker. There are classes in Chicago but the hotel would cost more than the class -) I guess this will be a trial and error learning experience!
  11. Thanks for walking me through this. Okay, I set up a new join table that connects my Events with my Constituents. I named the table EvCon and assigned each event an ID number that appears in the EvCon table. But I'm stuck again... Let's say I create a new "event" which is actually an email solicitation. I want to add this new Event to all the members who have email. Obviously I know how to find those members, but how do I quickly attach this event to them? I apologize if I'm being dense. Sara
  12. Thanks for responding, and for the good questions. The emails are sent using Constant Contact, a program external of FM. (I have a script built that gathers all the email addresses and exports them to Excel, and then they're uploaded into CC.) In this example, I would just want to make a note in the Events table that the email went out to the Constituents (another table) who received it. That's what I meant by activity. I used a wrong word. In this case, Events are singular things. There are many Events, but Events don't have related activities (that we care to track). I a
  13. Hi everyone, I'm sure this is easy to do and I'm just brain-blocked, but here's what I need help with. If I do a find and select certain records in my database (constituents) and then send them an email, I would like to be able to quickly and easily mark their records that they received that email. My database is set up with a constituents table and an events table. It's the events table that should be updated to indicate the new activity. I've been trying to do it through a portal using the Replace Records function but I realized after the fact (playing in a non-live version o
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