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  1. Tnx for your detailed replies and sorry for not being more clear. The db reflects all passenger activity such as passenger information, shore excursions, cabin no’s, cabin changes, charges, invoicing, arrival and departure list, complaints etc etc. During a cruise with a lot of passengers, there is a lot of searching, filtering and isolating records on an almost hourly base. Not all passengers go on every shore excursion, or change cabins or arrive/depart on the same vehicle or from the same departure point. The db is supposed to filter this information with detailed reports, for every activity of the current cruise (tour code). As a result I am getting detailed reports on every single shore excursion sales, capacity planning on shore vehicles cabin changes, charges etc. etc. But once finishing one search request, the very moment, a different passenger shows up with a different request, I have to go back to ‘show all records’ I will get all records from all cruises and all vessels from the past, which it is a lot of data and complicates every process significantly. I know that I could write a script with extended search and filter parameters but I would have to add that script to almost every single layout and constantly change the search parameters. A filtered portal is also not an option, due to the enormous amount of data and reports for every single cruise On opening I would require only records of passengers and shore excursions of the very Tour Code we are currently operating. Meaning, that I intent to permanently isolate all records from previous cruises and only see the ones of the current one for the entire session. The filtering by date I require for the very reason, that one vessel sails the same itinerary various times per season with different passengers. What would be the best way to achieve this?
  2. Hi everyone, first of all, I am a rookie and have limited knowledge. This is actually my first more complex db I have created or worked with. I have ammended a db from a lynda template which basically controlls shore excursions, booking and passenger activitiy records for river cruise ships. However, I work for various different companies on different vessels and everyone has partly the same and partly different shore excursions on offer with different prices and details . Additionally every operator has some 10 - 15 different itineraries on offer, which are offered with different tour codes and dates. With the high amount of vessels, itneraries, passengers, different excursions and prices for each operator I want to create a priviledge set which, on opening only shows the records of a specific tour code and date and permanently ommits all other records during the user session. User X (which is the tour code) can only see any record with the tour code X. This procedure is not meant to be a protection but simply a functionlality. The Tour Code acts as a user name. The db opens with the customer layout. As a signin page I still have to create, would need two fields to filter records by user session. One for the tour code and one for the date as many trips are repeated during the season. I have tried various privilege sets but seem to be unable to get it done right. Here attached, where I stand. I have tried many different options but the ones on the screen shots is the last, I have tried. I keep getting error messages (access denied) when I try the different options. Any help is highly appreciated
  3. Iam certainly not a professional filemaker developer but try to work around problems (problems for me not for the pros) but this easy thing here drives me nuts. I am trying to hide the toolbar for all layouts (about 80) based on privilege set. I have placed an opening script in the File Options but what it does, it only hides the toolbar for the first/opeing layout not for the rest. Any tipps here are most welcome. Merry x- mas for all Opening script Allow User Abort [Off] Set Error Capture [On] Perform Script [“hide toolbar test”] -script supposed to hide tool bars for all layouts (If [Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) ="Operations"Show/Hide Toolbars [Lock; Hide] Else Show/Hide Toolbars [show] End If #---------File Opens on L000_Opening Window to speed up the open process. #-------------by not loading any screens and images and then performs this Startup Script # Freeze Window # #--------------------------------------Checks Staff Account for UserName # Go to Layout [“L131_STAFF_List_View” (T17_STAFF)] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [T17_STAFF::FileMaker_Account; Get(AccountName)] Perform Find [ ] # If [Get(FoundCount) = 1] Set Variable [$$Name; Value:Get(AccountName)] Set Variable [$$CalendarFilter; Value:Get(AccountName)] Else Set Variable [$$Name; Value:Get(UserName)] Set Variable [$$CalendarFilter; Value:"-All Users-"] End If Show All Records Go to Layout [“L0_Opening Window” (T14_PREFERENCES)] Set Field [T14_PREFERENCES::g_Name; $$Name] #-------------------------------------- Set initial Session Globals for Invoice Line Item Management Set Field [T12_INVOICES::g_Search; ""] Set Field [T12_INVOICES::g_Product Category Filter Popover; "Product"] Freeze Window # #--------------------------------------If the PatternCount = "Pro" - Desktop # If [PatternCount ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) ; "Pro" ) = 1] Set Variable [$$Device_Mode; Value:"Pro"] Go to Layout [“L1_Home” (T14_PREFERENCES)] Adjust Window [Resize to Fit] Move/Resize Window [ Current Window; Top:(Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) / 4) - (Get ( WindowContentHeight )/4); Left: (Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) / 2) - (Get ( WindowContentWidth ) / 2)] Perform Script [“ (0831) Map Start Up”] # End If # #--------------------------------------Sets the window title as the name of the file.
  4. Tnx. Sorry for the trouble. I have copied and pasted your suggestion and works smooth as baby skin. Btw. just for clarification: The field Note_Type is the one, which has the value list assigned. Tnx once again. Problem solved.
  5. Tnx for your quick reply eos. But what the situation is somewhat different. This is basically portal which is only relevant when one of the mentioned "expressions" come up in the note_subject field which is based on a value list with 12 different options. Product Testing, Assessment and Trial are the only ones where the portal is required. Meaning that Product Testing, Assessment and Trials are not fields but values within a value list. Any idea?
  6. Hi, there I am trying to hide a portal under certain conditions and it works fine with one condition but the moment I am applying more then one it does hide anything at all anymore. Here's what I did. T16l_projects_NOTES||id_note|::Note_Type ≠ "Product Testing" or T16l_projects_NOTES||id_note|::Note_Type ≠ " Assessment" or T16l_projects_NOTES||id_note|::Note_Type ≠ "Trial" It all comes down to a drop down list of notes while the portal is only required for this 3 options anyone able to help. highly appreciated.
  7. Richard, pls ignore the above posting. I have simply given the QTY field a validation. Hence it still creates problems tranfering Estimates to Invoices but does the job for the time being. Tnx again for your support.
  8. Tnx a lot Richard. Seems to work that way. Maybe you can help with another issue. Whenever a product is out of stock the Amount_in_Stock turns into a negative number. I would like to add a script, which does not even allow the user to add products which are out of stock. Meaning where the Amount_in_Stock < 1. Would you be able to tell me which script I have to change and provide the script step? Tnx once again for all your help.
  9. Tnx Richard. I am a relative roockie. I have solved the problem with simply copy and ammended the "Send Estimates" script it seems to work fine. Unfotunately I am to far ahead with amending the 4 version to my purposes, that I can easily switch to the newer one. Just one more question. I am trying to avoid that anyone is able to send and invoice before not having the invoiced items commited to the inventory. What would be the adequate script step?
  10. In the meantime, I have at leas found out where the script stops working. Maybe someone could help. Else If [PatternCount (T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::flag_Invoice_Print ; "Modern" )] Go to Layout [“L96_INVOICES_Print_Detail” (T12_INVOICES)] End If Perform Script [“ (0017) Print_Page_Setup_Portrait_8.5_by_11”] I am still taken to the [“L96_INVOICES_Print_Detail” (T12_INVOICES)] layout. But after End If it does not perform (0017) Print_Page_Setup_Portrait_8.5_by_11, which is a basic 3 liner print setup script. Anyone here can help???
  11. Hi everyone, I am just in the process of amending FM Starting Point 4 to my requirements and have gotten quite far (with the help of some pros from here) for a rooky. The solution has a lot of bugs and one is anoyoing. Unfortunately I am lacking the exprience to interprete complex scripts. The invoicing layout has an email script but instead of getting me to the email client it gets me into preview mode and thats it. Here the copy of the script: Allow User Abort [Off] Commit Records/Requests [No dialog] Freeze Window # Set Variable [$email; Value:T12_INVOICES::Contact_Email] # #--------------------------------------Checks to make sure there is a Contact attached with an email address If [IsEmpty ( T12_INVOICES::Contact_Email )] Show Custom Dialog [Message:"The Contact for this Invoice does not have an email address."; Default Button:“OK”, Commit: “Yes”] Exit Script [ ] End If #--------------------------------------Limits the current found set to the current record in a new window. (to preserve found set) #--------------------------------------Sets variables with the current Invoice ID Set Variable [$id; Value:T12_INVOICES::ID_Invoice] #--------------------------------------Navigate to Invoice print detail layout If [PatternCount (T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::flag_Invoice_Print ; "Basic" )] Go to Layout [“L97_INVOICES_Print_Detail_Simple” (T12_INVOICES)] Else If [PatternCount (T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::flag_Invoice_Print ; "Modern" )] Go to Layout [“L96_INVOICES_Print_Detail” (T12_INVOICES)] End If Perform Script [“ (0017) Print_Page_Setup_Portrait_8.5_by_11”] # #If the user pressed the "Email" button, the path and name variables are set #and a PDF of the Invoice Report is created in the Temporary Items folder of the user's machine Set Variable [$FileName; Value:"Invoice_" & $id & ".pdf"] Set Variable [$PDFPath; Value:Get ( TemporaryPath ) & $FileName] Save Records as PDF [File Name:“$PDFPath” OR “filemac:$FileName” OR “filewin:$FileName”;Current record ] [Document -Compatibility:Acrobat 5 and later] [Pages -Number Pages From:1; Include:All pages ] [Security -Printing:High Resolution; Editing:Any except extracting pages;Enable copying;Enable Screen Reader ] [Initial View -Show:Pages Panel and Page; Page Layout:Single Page; Magnification:100%] [Restore; No dialog] #--------------------------------------Send email with invoice pdf attached If [T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::flag_Email_Option = "Email Client"] Send Mail [Send via E-mail Client; To: $email; Subject: T12l_invoices_PROJECTS||id_project|::Project_Name & " Invoice"; Message: "Hello " & T12b_invoices_CONTACTS||id_contact::Name_First & "," & ¶ & ¶ & "Attached to this email you will find an Invoice for your " & T12l_invoices_PROJECTS||id_project|::Project_Name & " project. If there is any problem in opening this document or if the document was not attached at all, please let us know." & ¶ & ¶; Attachment:“$PDFPath” OR “filemac:$PDFPath” OR “filewin:$PDFPath” ] Else If [T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::flag_Email_Option = "SMTP Server"] Send Mail [Send via SMTP Server; To: $email; Subject: T12l_invoices_PROJECTS||id_project|::Project_Name & " Invoice"; Message: "Hello " & T12b_invoices_CONTACTS||id_contact::Name_First & "," & ¶ & ¶ & "Attached to this email you will find an Invoice for your " & T12l_invoices_PROJECTS||id_project|::Project_Name & " project. If there is any problem in opening this document or if the document was not attached at all, please let us know." & ¶ & ¶; Attachment:“$PDFPath” OR “filemac:$PDFPath” OR “filewin:$PDFPath”; Name:T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant:: SMTP_Name; Email Address: T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::SMTP_Email_Address; Reply-To Address: T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::SMTP_Reply_To_Address; SMTP Server: T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES|| November 21, 2014 22:02:34-1-Bioclean DB as of Nov 18th 1.fmp12 - (1101) INV_Email_Invoice_Form INVOICES (1100-1199): INV_processes: (1101) INV_Email_Invoice_Form T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES||id_constant::Outgoing_SMTP_Server; Port: T12k_invoices_PREFERENCES|| id_constant::Port; Authentication Type:None ] [No dialog] End If # Go to Layout [original layout] Could someone tell me what is wrong here. As I have said, it is a pre written script and all the other layouts like Estimates, etc work fine as email attachment. Just this one seems to have a but. Sorry if some caracters do not show correctly but copy/paste did work this way. Any help is appreciated
  12. Forgot to say, I also tried Set Field: Current Date and Set Field: Status and then Refresh Window and also Refresh Object (Current_Date) and Status. No success. Nothing happends.
  13. I am currently testing the refresh window/object script. I tried refresh object as well as refresh window in order to automatically change the status and current date fields. But for some reason nothing happends. the date stays the same as well as the status. Is there anything I am doing wrong again?
  14. Tnx a lot for all your support. Works phantastic. And you are right, I could let the user search manually by date or month, which I will have established in the training for the users but I am working with physically with IT illiterates, where very little apart from surfing the net and accessing social platforms, reading/writing html emails is present. So I have created and scripted buttons for monthly sales reports, monthly outstanding invoices, etc all based on the invoice platform. Still having some problems with the charts though as I have a monthly sales chart, the annual sales by month and annual overall sales. But still working on them and will post it here once I get to my limitis. Tnx once again
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