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  1. Hi Steve. Tnx for your reply. The fields look only clipped on the last screen shot. Happend because I tried to use a different theme. All fields are placed right into the center of the parts and are not overlapping. I have already tried to re-size the parts. But no success.
  2. Tnx for your input. All true what you are saying. That is why I don't understand, what happened here. However, I just tried to add another trailing grand summary part and really nothing has changed. Still have the blank space inbetween the footer and the now trailing grand summary part. Only difference is, that the space is white instead of grey because I change the theme. No idea, whats going on. I have some 4 more subsummary reports in the db and compared. No r difference in the setup really (exept for the different table and occurances used for the fields) . I noticed somethi
  3. Tnx for your reply. Just checked and tried various themes. The blank area stays. It's just changing color depending on the theme. Looks like, this solution is not working for me.
  4. Hi everybody, looks like I do have a sort of rookie problem here. I created a subsummary report which is sorted by a break field and all works fine. All is fine in layout and preview mode. Just in browse mode I seem to have a problem. There is a large grey empty area just underneath of the subsummary part showing. Anyone with an idea what it is I messed up here? I already googled but just found 1 similar report from 2010. Sort of optically annoying. Any help is highly appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone I am working with filemaker on and off for the last recent years but, no doubts about it, I am still a rookie. lately I have created a db similar to a booking engine for shore excursions for river cruise ships. Lots of modules, layouts, scripts etc. As I really have to work with my limited knowledge, it took a long time and is not really constructed in a way any pro would do it with a lot of workarounds and probably sort of unorthodox. However, it works just fine for me and I am sort of proud, to have gotten to the point where I am. However, I am afraid, that I corrupted
  6. I have created a list report with a value list assigning values to fields of certain colours. All from 1 table – no related values. Layout is based on the same table. The script filters the number of records with a certain colour. The script button is located in the footer of the report. Excursion scripts: Departure show Pink Set Variable [ $DeptG; Value:customer::Dep_Date ] Go to Layout [ “Departure_List” (customer) ] Enter Find Mode [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: customer::Bus_Color: “=Pink” ] [ Restore ] Commit Records/Requests Set Field [ cu
  7. Hi everybody, I recently amended a db from an old Lynda course, controlling shore excursions for river cruise ships. For my limited expertise (I am still a rookie at the very best) the construction is somewhat complex as there is many vessels, different routes, different charterers and consequently different shore excursion programs and prices. In some cases the shore excursion program of different vessels and operators is similar but not the same and so on. I have 7 different tables partly related (pls see graph attached): For every journey ::customers and ::trip
  8. Tnx for your detailed replies and sorry for not being more clear. The db reflects all passenger activity such as passenger information, shore excursions, cabin no’s, cabin changes, charges, invoicing, arrival and departure list, complaints etc etc. During a cruise with a lot of passengers, there is a lot of searching, filtering and isolating records on an almost hourly base. Not all passengers go on every shore excursion, or change cabins or arrive/depart on the same vehicle or from the same departure point. The db is supposed to filter this information with detailed reports, for every a
  9. Hi everyone, first of all, I am a rookie and have limited knowledge. This is actually my first more complex db I have created or worked with. I have ammended a db from a lynda template which basically controlls shore excursions, booking and passenger activitiy records for river cruise ships. However, I work for various different companies on different vessels and everyone has partly the same and partly different shore excursions on offer with different prices and details . Additionally every operator has some 10 - 15 different itineraries on offer, which are offered with di
  10. Iam certainly not a professional filemaker developer but try to work around problems (problems for me not for the pros) but this easy thing here drives me nuts. I am trying to hide the toolbar for all layouts (about 80) based on privilege set. I have placed an opening script in the File Options but what it does, it only hides the toolbar for the first/opeing layout not for the rest. Any tipps here are most welcome. Merry x- mas for all Opening script Allow User Abort [Off] Set Error Capture [On] Perform Script [“hide toolbar test”] -script supposed to hide tool bars for all layouts (If
  11. Tnx. Sorry for the trouble. I have copied and pasted your suggestion and works smooth as baby skin. Btw. just for clarification: The field Note_Type is the one, which has the value list assigned. Tnx once again. Problem solved.
  12. Tnx for your quick reply eos. But what the situation is somewhat different. This is basically portal which is only relevant when one of the mentioned "expressions" come up in the note_subject field which is based on a value list with 12 different options. Product Testing, Assessment and Trial are the only ones where the portal is required. Meaning that Product Testing, Assessment and Trials are not fields but values within a value list. Any idea?
  13. Hi, there I am trying to hide a portal under certain conditions and it works fine with one condition but the moment I am applying more then one it does hide anything at all anymore. Here's what I did. T16l_projects_NOTES||id_note|::Note_Type ≠ "Product Testing" or T16l_projects_NOTES||id_note|::Note_Type ≠ " Assessment" or T16l_projects_NOTES||id_note|::Note_Type ≠ "Trial" It all comes down to a drop down list of notes while the portal is only required for this 3 options anyone able to help. highly appreciated.
  14. Richard, pls ignore the above posting. I have simply given the QTY field a validation. Hence it still creates problems tranfering Estimates to Invoices but does the job for the time being. Tnx again for your support.
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