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  1. The button names/value's are comming from a file with changing values, I have to find out what the name is from radiobutton 1 or radiobutton 2 etc. in the inputlist.. I'm going to find out how to do that.
  2. I followed yor advise and this is really an improvement... The problem could be solved also when it was possible to change the color of the frame to the backgroundcolor, but then the color of the buttons change also and make them invisible... It is also impossible to indent the buttons in the frame to make the layout look better... FILEMAKER improve you great product...
  3. Thanks, it's getting better, when the window with the radiobuttons field opens, NO FRAME!!!!! BUT, when selecting the field there is the frame again (with in layout settings "no frame when rekord active") I think what I need is "no frame when field is active or something like that...."
  4. No, with this button field there is always a frame visible, all the time... Frames when selected can be switched off in layout settings.
  5. I don't think it is possible but I like try again in this forum: I don't want to display the frame around a radiobutton field How to change the color (to the background for example) of the frame around a radiobutton field? or any other methode... Tia, Tol
  6. Do you also know how to do it via "send event" It must be possible with the command in my example command, I think my problem is that maybe I have to put some quote's, but I don't know where to put them. FileMakerHelp is no help..
  7. HI, Ik want to delete a file from FileMaker in Windows. I want to send a event from FileMaker to do that. From the commandprompt I type: cmd/c del C:\Users\Tol\Desktop\File.csv and that works, when I put this in the textbox for the event I get errors and it does'nt work. How do I put this in the event textbox to get it working? can I use a Filemaker field or variable??
  8. I used the above example: "tell application \"Finder\"¶ delete file " & Quote ( YourTable::Filename ) & " of (path to desktop)¶ end tell" This works for me, is your example better??? The way to get the pathname is a lot different your way, is there a reason for???
  9. This simple solution works for me.... Thanks again. Now only have to find the same trick for delete a file from Windows, is this a topic for this forum? Is
  10. I still cannot get it to work... I think i getting confused by Applescript and Filemakerscript. I simply want (from Filemaker pro advanced 11) to delete a file on the desktop (changed my first plan) because the path to the desktop is not always the same filemaker has to deliver the path. The following in a in a filemakerfiled, (your example): "tell application \"Finder\"¶ delete file "\<<xyz>>"\¶ end tell" How do I get the path and filename in <<xyz>> ??? BTW, when I paste your example script "set Variable and so on I cannot save that s
  11. Thank you for your fast reaction! All I want is to delete a file in the same folder as the application. The path is in a calculated field in FM (path with colon's replaced for slashes), I want to use that value in a script to delete the file. The path has to be calculated because it is not always the same. When I paste your example in a calculated FM field I cannot save the field because of errors. I also have this script: set x to POSIX file ((POSIX path of (path to me)) & "/..") as text set x to x & "blaimport.csv" tell application "Finder" delete the x
  12. Hi, I need help... I have this applescript in a calculated field in filemaker: "tell application \"Finder\"¶" & " delete file \"Snow Leopard:Users:ton:Desktop:blabla:blaimport.txt" &"\" ¶ end tell" What is the syntax to replace this file path with a fieldvalue or filemaker variabele???
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