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  1. HI Al, That template is pretty robust and looks great! There are definitely some aspects that I would like to incorporate into my db, but that is a long term goal. First up, I would like to get the main stuff up and running, and in proper form so that I can add modules/features as I learn more. Thanks for passing on that db! Alan
  2. HI Fenton, Thanks again! I will review what you did and try to "reverse engineer" the layouts, etc. so that I can learn how you did it. Between you, aldipalo and the Missing Manual, I should be able to get through this first phase. I appreciate your patience, this is my first real attempt at doing this and I am trying to get it done on and off in between an incredibly busy work week and 3 kids under the age of 4 at home! I very much like FileMaker and want to build as robust and scalable a Database as I can "on my own (with a little help!)" because it is pretty cool stuff and challenging for me at least in staying logical and vertical in my thinking! Alan
  3. Hi Fenton, I changed where the data comes from the other TO's to the co_People TO (I guess that is the Parent?) and it sort of works, but not completely. For one company, the same email address autofills no matter whose name is in the Contact 1 or 2 fields. How would one delete the fields from the child tables, or is that so obvious that I am missing something right in front of me? Alan
  4. HI Fenton, Yes the company in the Planner table is the Contact's Company. I will try to make separate portals and need to figure out the layout. On another note, following your advice, I changed the Company Name to Company ID on the co_JobOrders table and the right Contacts populated their fields, so thanks for that. The new issue is getting their work email and phones to autofill and it's not happening! Alan
  5. HI Al, You are actually correct, but I focus on the Company, Contact and Candidate dynamic. I too need my planner to work right otherwise I lose track of who is interviewing where, who is talking to whom, who is getting an offer, etc. It needs to work correctly otherwise it's a big mess! I will download that template and take a look see. Alan
  6. I will try to fix that! I thought that might be the case, but I want to get it up and running and then tweak it later as the db grows, and I hopefully become better versed in Filemaker. You are right, the person's Planner events should show up in the portal, not the company events. I can probably fix that by adding the TO. To answer both paragraphs, a person can be a candidate and contact and I thought of adding a 3rd value of both and adding that to the mix, but then thought that as long as the info was being pulled from the same list, maybe it might be better to filter the contact list based upon where they worked. Most of the time, the candidates and contacts are just that. I tried to set up the portals in both Company and People to reflect relevant info without being redundant, i.e. not needing Company Name in Company Table, etc. I'm not sure if I succeeded though! Let me try to revisit it and I'll get back to you if I can't make it work! Thanks again, Alan
  7. HI Fenton, I studied your version of what I was doing and understand some of it. I spent most of the day yesterday working on this and still have not figured out a few things! I tried to emulate what you did, by redoing all of the relationships and fields and calcs, but it does not seem to be working on my version. 1) It seems that a drop down list doesn't populate the company name on the co_People table but a pop-up does. The drop down only give the companyID. Why? 2) In co-JobOrders, the Contact 1 and 2 fields are giving me a "no values defined" entry. Did I miss a relationship or lookup somewhere? 3) The portal located in the Events tab in co_People and Co_Companies is not populating like it does in your version. Again did I screw something up there as well? 4) Also, on the co_People and co_JobOrders tables you left the Company Name and People Contact 1 and 2 fields (from my original version?) on the tables. Was that for illustrative purposes or do I need them to remain there? I am attaching my revised version for you to look at. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciated it! Alan BPI_Copy1.fp7.zip
  8. HI Al, Thank you very much! Between your revisions and Fenton's it looks as if I now have a much better database!! I'm going to look it over carefully and try to understand what you did. Thanks again, Alan
  9. Hi Fenton, Many thanks! I will review it and try to learn from it! Alan
  10. Okay, I have done some more research and am still stuck. I have added some bogus records into the tables so that you all can see what's happening. Basically, every time I try to add a contact to a new Job Order I either get a blank drop down (for Contact 1, b/c I tried to make a related field that is not relating?) or I get an entire list of People (for Contact 2, which is a drop down of the People table) but then Contact 1 is populated with the same name as Contact 2, but in neither event do the phone and emails autofill. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Alan BPI_Copy.fp7.zip
  11. HI Al, Thanks. I agree the people here really know their stuff and are very helpful! I posted a problem before and had a lot of help in fixing the issue. I have learned a ton just by reviewing other posts (that's what probably helped put me in this mess too!) and trying out the ideas. Alan
  12. HI Al, Thanks for the info! I will review the article and try to reconfigure my relationships and see what happens. FYI, I've been recruiting for about 10 years and have tried lots of ready made solutions none of which do what I want so I have been trying to build my own on and off for the past few months (whenever I have time!). Alan
  13. I am trying to set up a dynamic value list and played around with some of the relationships to get there but I think I messed up somewhere! I have 3 relevant tables, Companies, People and Job Orders. I am trying to set up the Job Orders table in this way: There is a drop down of Companies that I can select when setting up a new record in the Table. Once I select the Company I would like to set up Contact 1 and Contact 2 (they need to be separate people) from a filtered value list that only shows those people who work at that Company. Once I select the Contact, I would like that person's email and work phone number to autofill. I am attaching a copy of the File, and as you can see, I think I have screwed this up pretty well! I have tried lookups and pulling the info from the People file all to no avail. Is there an easier way to fix this mess? Thanks, Alan BPI_Copy.fp7.zip
  14. d'oh! Thanks Matt, Much appreciated. It works great now! Alan
  15. Hi Daniele, Here is a copy of the file with all the fields redacted. Thanks again, Alan Barnett_Partners_Copy.fp7.zip
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