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  1. Hello. I'm using the send mail in my script. I made an email but now it's suddenly adding spontanious line breaks which aren't coded. How can I remove these? Or is there a better solution to auto send email?
  2. Haven't solved this yet. Thinking on how to create a calculated field in adres table or order table that fills with e.g. Company FROM addres WHERE order_id = order_id AND type = ST
  3. Thanks. That's doing it. My script was nearly the same, but the get records wasn't right
  4. Hello. I made a layout listing all records from a table. It has a calculated field which collects the record date from the history table. I need to open a new window from the dashboard I made with this layout. I know how that can be done. I have two fields in the temp table (don't know if thats correct) which isn't linked. The fields are global date named start_dt and end_dt. With the script to open the report you can enter the two dates (may change but the flow remains the same). The result must only be the records where the date is between start and end. I can't get this done.
  5. I solved this issue it now works. Messed with the temp table till it worked
  6. Okay. I change my databaseconnection to the local mysql database. Then I made a temp table with a field TracknTrace. I made a script that pops a input box to fill the field. That works. Now I want it immediatly in the database online so I added the sql rule: "UPDATE [table] SET trackntrace = '" & temp::TracknTrace & "' WHERE [col]='" & [table_alias]::[col] & "'" The where field is a field from the mysql database. If i look in the database when the rule is finished the input is NULL. if I replace "UPDATE jcs_vm_orders SET trackntrace = '" & temp::TracknT
  7. This is not relevent any more. I use applescript now.
  8. I tried this now. Unfortunatly I have a same issue as other things I try that information can't be entered. I placed this field in the data table, the field was cTNT_Input, calculation, global. I can't make text fields for some reason. The tables are with a internet ODBC connection.
  9. I want to make a script in which the input of a user is requested in a dialog. The input is to be a typed value (not a check box). How can I do this? The data isn't to be stored on the open record, and I mustn't leave the open record.
  10. I want to be able to change a record to a next status. The record from the table [data] only stores the id field information to [status] on data.status_id = status.status_id. I need the radio buttons to display all entries (except one) where data.status_id <> status.status_id How can I do this? Also I'm going to attach a script to this control, for on some status a mail needs to be sent too. This must be a temporary field for my records must be left read-only. So a sql statement script will do the actual updating.
  11. Hello. My layout consists of a portal on a table alias NAVIGATION. it's an alias for DATA which is the layout table too. I linked navigation to data on STATUS = cPORTAL_FILTER Portal Filter is a global field. I placed data.portal_filter on the form. Going to brouwse mode show an empty portal. Only if I enter something in cPORTAL_FILTER I get a message that the field isn't editable. There is also a link on the tables on order id so when clicking in the portal the clicked record is displayed.
  12. My layout is for use as a digital preview as a record. How can I make a field read-only, so you can't enter information in it [sOLUTION] use field behaviour :
  13. Hello I made an E-Mail scipt to send an email to an adress of the record. This works fine. I was wondering if I can fill in the from adres as well, for I have different accounts and this way it replies will go to the correct address. Even better if I can determine my entourage account to use.
  14. Hello, My database is used for a webstore. I have a table [ data] and one [user_info]. The links: [data.order_id] = [user_info.order_id] Then in the [user_info] table one or more records per order. I only have one or two records per order that are of interest. One is billing adres [user_info.address_type]="BT". This is standard. If the shipping adres is different there will also be a [user_info.address_type]="ST". In my overview on the left I display billing adres and on the right the shipping adres. If there is no "ST" then "BT" is to be used. I have made it to the
  15. Hi, I've an automater script to backup a file via ftp to my local disk. Then it restores this sql file. The file is a mysql dump of the online database. Can I past this file in filemaker or can I make a new script to a. backup the internet database to local file b. restore the local version I have odbc connection to both databases. My filemaker file is mostly for reporting purposes.
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