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  1. Does anybody have any insight: I'm running an import of some Excel files into my FM database. I started getting errors that space was low. I thought, because I'm accessing the database via a network connection to a different server, it was the server machine that was running low. Not the case. I looked at the computer I am actually running the database on and I noted the disk space left: 1.2GB. I ran the import again (and this import will delete the existing information in the table so I'm not making the table bigger) and I ended up at 1.17GBs left. Does anybody have an
  2. Thanks. I do understand...however, I can't get FM to export more than 65,000 records to a single worksheet because FM can only export to .xls (which maxes out at around 65,000). If FM could export to .xlsx, then it can export > 65,xxx records... Does that make sense? Or am I missing something?
  3. NEVERMIND - FM 9 can't export to Excel 2007....Any Plug-ins or anything that can make FM 9 export to Excel 2007 (.xlsx):
  4. Thanks for the idea. However, I think he might have that set correctly because I had him visit our website to click on an email link and it opened up correctly in lotus notes. I'll have him check still (he is in southern cal versus me being in norther cal) but I am pretty sure his is set up correctly. Perhaps a compatibility issue between FM 8.0 and his lotus notes? Again, any help/ideas would be awesome!!! Thanks again!
  5. I'm at a loss. I've got a customer that is using one of our FM developed DBs and uses Lotus Notes for his email. We put in the email function that opens automatically the user's email. This person's e-mail setting (internet options>programs>email) is set to lotus notes, HOWEVER, each time he presses the email button in the FM DB, it pops up what I believe is an MS Outlook set-up wizard. It is asking to choose a profile name, or create a new which becomes a MS outlook wizard, VERSUS, opening up lotus notes. Any ideas?:? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have/capture the following data and it can look like this: 12345 12345-xx 123456-xx 1234567-xx I want to make a new calcuation field that strips away the "-" AND anything to the right of it. So the above data would look like this in the new field: 12345 12345 123456 1234567 Any tips/help would be awesome! Thanks, Ryan
  7. Hello. I'm trying to make a report but I don't know how to show both Fiscal Year values from two separate tables that don't share some of the same Fiscal Years in the FY column: TABLE_1: FY1, data x FY2, data x FY3, data x TABLE_2 FY2, data y FY3, data y FY4, data y I want the report to show: FY1, data x, data y (blank) FY2, data x, data y FY3, data x, data y FY4, data x (blank), data y I can't figure out relationships or new tables or what to make that report show the combined FY of both tables. Any help will be helpful! Thanks
  8. Hello, I need help. TABLE with these fields in questions: _kf_TASK_ID, not unique (related to a TASK table in which the TASK_IDs in that table are unique) ROUTE_TYPE, not unique, values: "Contract", "In House", "Task Order" ORIGINAL, not unique, values: "Original", "Amendment" Basically, when creating a record, I don't want to be able to pick "Amendment" in the ORIGINAL field if there is no existing record that matches the TASK_ID and ROUTE_TYPE that has an "Original" in the ORIGINAL field. So, I know the script/relationship has to read something like:
  9. It does...thanks. I noticed using a pop-ups instead does functional. How about this...is the "search" button on the tabs the best way to search for topics such as this one?
  10. Hello, I've got a non-editable field, FIELD, with a dropdown arrow that is a button. The script checks another field, OTHER_FIELD, and if OTHER_FIELD = "X", it won't allow you to edit FIELD. If OTHER_FIELD is not X, the script tells it to go to FIELD where the dropdown can be initiated and a value selected. Problem: Have to click twice The first click will initiate the script. But, I have to then click on the arrow to see the dropdown options. Desire: IF OTHER_FIELD not = "X"; Go to FIELD and make the dropdown drop down all in one click?? Tha
  11. That is so simple...I'll try it out and see how it works. Now off the top of my head, would that only list the related UserID or all of them in the table? Thanks again though for that function. I'm sure I can get it to work.
  12. Hello, I'm trying to add to the functionality of this database so I'm working with pre-existing tables and trying to figure out the best way to do this. Simplified: 2 Tables: TASKS and USERS TASK_ID is unique and is realted to USERS. (one to many) Multiple users can be assigned to a single TASKS. However, right now there is a calculation field, CURRENT_USER (Last(USER::USER_ID)) within TASKS that pulls up the most current USER from the USERS table that has been assigned with the particular TASK_ID. And only this person can access that TASK_ID. Is it possib
  13. Thanks a million. That whole making fields a button thing really threw me off and is totally new to me. I didn't realize you could do that. That is going to really help with other files I'm making. And it works by the way.
  14. Help. Sorry, I've seen posts about this but for some reason, they don't seem to help me. Simplified: Fields: APPROVED CONTRACT_PRICE CONTRACT_PRICE is typically editable. But, if APPROVED is checked, or not IsEmpty or whatever, CONTRACT_PRICE becomes not editable. *I am not using buttons to initiate any scripts. *I'm assuming I can do this as a calculation w/in one of the the two fields. *I don't know where and I don't know what functions/language to say "Don't make this field editable anymore". Thanks a bunch.
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