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  1. What do clients hate? Unknown timelines and expensive fees — so we built a solution to mitigate the expense and time of rescuing corrupted FileMaker files. Neo Code has launched fmLifeBoat. fmLifeBoat enables us to: - Run damage tests - Assess the damage - Rescue a file - Reupload a database - Run a final damage test to make sure the damage is no longer present - Return files to clients, damage free, with a report The service allows us to provide a free estimate and timeline to completely repair corrupted files. Our fmLifeBoat is the only d
  2. Goal - use MirrorSync with database hosted on FileMaker Cloud, using MirrorSync hosted on a Windows Server. Error - filemaker mirrorsync jdbc error cloud requires version 16.0 or later MirrorSync version 3.17 FileMaker Cloud Steps to reproduce 1. run mirrorsync 2. create filemaker client to server config 3. configure mirrorsync to use hosted version 4. configure publishing engine / database server to use cloud 5. put any database user, pass or name - it doesn't matter what you put - real or not real 6. you will error - filemaker mirr
  3. MirrorSync 3 Windows - http://yourServerAddress/MirrorSync/ loads blank page we created a new instance - http://yourServerAddress/Test_MirrorSync/ and it loads normally ie blue button with Launch on it notes: - maybe related to Error 10 message - it was working at least three weeks ago tried: restarted mirrorsync service iisreset reboot i've checked mirrorsync.app.log and the last data written is days ago i will reinstall - and i am sure all will be well - ideas? UPDATE - reinstalling fixed everything - all configurati
  4. We've taken the free FileMaker starter solutions and added FM Easy Sync. You can find them here: http://www.neocodesoftware.com/about-us/starter-sync-solutions/
  5. SOLUTION: Transport transport = Session.getDefaultInstance(props).getTransport("smtps"); NOT: Transport transport = Session.getDefaultInstance(props).getTransport("smtp"); For gMail SMTP it is SMTPS Works great.
  6. i had this same problem on windows. export field contents saves as unicode. i solved it by: 1. exporting field contents to file.uni 2. using mooplug shell command to "type file.uni > file.txt" which converts unicode to ansi 3. more info on the type command here: http://www.robvanderwoude.com/type.php#Unicode 4. more info on mooplug here: http://mooplug.com/docs/functions/moo_shell
  7. FOR RELEASE AT FILEMAKER DEVCON JULY 14TH ATTENTION TECHNOLOGY EDITORS Neo Code Software expands Free FileMaker hosting to include FileMaker Business Alliance and TechNet Members Hosted FileMaker Solutions Provides Access to Data Centre July 14th, 2008 Vancouver, BC As of today, Neo Code Software is committed to helping the FileMaker community by offering FBA and TechNet memebers to host their FileMaker solutions for free. Free FileMaker hosting allows FBA and TechNet member access to FileMaker Server Advance - that provides instant web publishing, remote File
  8. Drawing upon their expertise in developing FileMaker databases for the web, Neo Code adapted Manitoba Hotel Association's existing tradeshow registration FileMaker 8 database for the world wide web. The database acts as a directory of potential guests for the annual Centrex tradeshow for hotels & restaurants. In little over ten hours, Neo Code not only created a secure, web-accessible interface for guest registration, but also added time saving functions such as list management tools, bulk email functionality, emailing confirmations, and a system for generating unique registration access
  9. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ATTENTION TECHNOLOGY EDITORS Neo Code Software offers Free FileMaker hosting to Charities Hosted FileMaker Solutions Provides Access to Data Centre April 9th, 2008 Vancouver, BC As of today, Neo Code Software is committed to helping organizations that are improving our communities by offering to host their FileMaker solutions for free. Free FileMaker hosting allows charities access to FileMaker Server Advance - a $2500 product - the provides instant web publishing, remote FileMaker client sharing, plus regular daily backups. In addition cha
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