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  1. Hi Vaughan At this stage Ive not tested from the outside world So to answer the wifi question. The desktops are on ethernet wired (not wifi) and the iPads are wifi. This part you may have highlighted a network setup, i will check both wifi and lan setting will come back to you Thanks for the tought
  2. Using SMTP with filemaker server 11 The script from an FMPro DB sends a message that a task has been completed. From the desktop OS Lion the eMail message is sent ok From an iPad the following message "Email(s) could not be sent successfully " In SMTP setup in the script I have removed the "Name" out of the first setup box I have looked on forums and found nothing to do with the iPads The iPad have active eMail accounts The iPads access the server for the databases (not locally mounted) Why would it work on the desktop but not the iPads?? any ideas
  3. Hey Thanks IVE CRACKED IT You've got to love Filemaker Tim
  4. Hi Comment? What count do I use... and also I may not have explained this correctly in the attached sample Using Alexandria as the example .. Line 1 Alexandria = 1..... Line 2 Alexandria =2 and so on as more entries are made on Alexandria the count will continue so the 8th entry of Alexandria will show 8 The same is needed for each of the Colour groups (Alpine White, Champagne etc) Sorry Hope this makes sense Tim
  5. Im a bit stuck on this one See attached File... I have a portal that show "Alexandria" "Alpine White" etc I want a calculation that returns "Alexandria" = 2 "Alpine White" = 1 "Champagne Pearl" = 2 etc These name "Alexandria" are dynamic Any ideas Thanks Tim Canberra Australia PotalScreenDump.tiff
  6. On the item you want to delete... swipe to the right on the item... The DELETE should now show
  7. Id like to do the same... I find the import order changes after I add a new field. Is there a way to save the import order\ Thanks Oh what does "bump" mean
  8. Are you able to place a SHORT CUT to the "Dock" (near Safari) area of your Host Databases, instead of opening Filemaker Go then selecting the Host file you want
  9. Hi Lee Back on this again (substitute) Do you Now if there is a limit to the number of substitutions [color:green]This part is working [color:blue]Substitute (MachineCode; ["OFFSETX="40""; "OFFSETX="" & OffsetX_A&"""]; ["LENGTH="2000""; "LENGTH="" & AMachineFinalLength&"""]; ["WIDTH="600""; "WIDTH="" & AFinalSizeWidth&"""]; ["FEM_RIGHT="600""; "FEM_RIGHT ="" & AFemaleC&"""]; ["TOG_LEFT="L""; "TOG_LEFT ="" & TogglesA_Left&"""]; ["TOG_RIGHT="L""; "TOG_RIGHT ="" & TogglesA_Right&"""]; [color:red]But from here down it
  10. Has anyone done Applescript or had anything to do with SMS Mac
  11. I want to send a SMS to a mobile phone from within Filemaker, any easy way to do this?? Some of our clients have eMail and others are on the road SMS would be good
  12. I want to include in a script that copies a number say 25 from the field "Nos of copies to print" and pastes it into the Dialog Box "PRINT" (cmd - P) Copies: = (default = 1 ) changed to (paste) = 25 With FileMaker Pro if your mind can think of an Idea, you can do it with FileMaker - Top product and just keeps getting better
  13. Thank you very much, with a little bit of fiddling it worked Like putting in correct fle path as it was been saved from a Mac to PC and in set variables, putting the right words in correct spots... again thank u - Tim
  14. I want to create a script to export records... copy (field)-"todays code" export required fields Now - I want to paste "todays code" into the file name for the export document and what also would be nice is to place this file name with the "todays code" into its correct folder (which is static) any ideas
  15. Not using any plug ins All desktop and server running all latest updates from FM and Apple I can modify layouts if using FMpro with latest patches on a machine Mac os 10.4.11 without the desktop crashing. It seams to be something to do with Leopard... Next week Im moving FMs off the OS10 (Leopard) server and onto a machine just running Leopard, to see if it maybe has an issue with the OS10 (leopard) server
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