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  1. Hi! I have a portal on my layout and the first field in it is a auto generated serial number. For some reason whenever I create a new record, the portal does not fill in the serial number on my first portal line. But if I fill in the other boxes and go to the next portal row, the second serial number will fill in and so on. Is there a trick to making the first row in the portal create this serial number? Thank you so much in advance for any help!
  2. Thank you for your help. The main reason that i need to keep these records the same as my regular jobs is when i create reports i need those to show all of my partials as well. For instance, I run a report for all of my jobs and the ordered qty. Results in: Job Qty Finished Qty 50..........100.........100 51..........50...........50 52..........200..........50 53..........100.........100 If job 52 had 2 partials to 2 seperate people, i need my reports and summary fields to show these are seperate jobs. I would like it to show: Job Qty
  3. Hi. I am looking for help writing a script. I have 3 fields in my database: "job number", "ordered qty" and "finished qty" Each of my records automatically generates a job number, everything else is filled out. I'm looking for a script to do the following: If the "finished qty" is less than the "ordered qty" capture the job number from the record, create a new record and insert the job number plus an hyphen 1. Then take the finished qty minus the ordered qty from the past record and insert it into the ordered qty field in the new record. If the finished qty i
  4. Here goes nothing... I have 3 different databases: Customers Packing Slips Control Panel Customers: has a field called Salesperson in it. This is a simple text field where we enter one of out 4 salespersons initials. Packing Slips: this is where all of our jobs data is. (i.e. how much inventory shipped out, the price of the job, etc) Packing slips and Customers are related via the "Customer" field. Control Panel: this is a new database that involves dates and sorts through the packing slips and show what shipped on a particular date, month, etc. It looks like a c
  5. Hi! I have a layout that i'm trying to print on one page. It consist of a header, a "list" body with 6 records shown as a calendar, and a trailing grand summary with calculation fields in it. I can print the header and body, but can't get the trailing grand summary to print on the same page. Is there a way to capture the whole layout screen and print it on a single page?
  6. Hello All, I am trying to do comparisons of sales between a month and the previous year's same month. So say this month so far, i have $50,000 in sales, I want to compare that to May 2008 sales. I have the dates down. I can show this month and i can show all of the previous year month. The problem that I am running into is making the previous year month dynamic as the current month is. This is how my calc work now. This May 2009 so far i have $50,000 in sales, May 2008 it will show $250,000 in sales. It is showing the entire past month, not keep
  7. Hey! I'm trying to figure out a calcuation field that will do the following: Figure out how many orders shipped out each day and then show that number. For instance, on the 26th, it will find all jobs that shipped out on that day and then the result will be something like "5" and then on the 27th, it will show "9" And i am want to add this to a monthly calendar view so that on every day on the calendar it shows how many jobs shipped out that day. Would anyone be kind enough to help me figure this out? Thanks!
  8. On the calendar week layout is where is want it to list the job numbers (shown on the jobs layout on the left) that are shipping on those days. Is this even possible?
  9. I've attached a few pictures. Please help me out!
  10. I have a layout that is showing information from a different database. The original db is called job tickets. The new db is called calendar. I've created a field in the calendar db called id job number and related it to a field in the job ticket db called job number by an "x" relationship so that i can see all of the jobs from the job ticket db in my new calendar db. Now, i want to have the id job number display the corresponding job number from the related db in a separate layout. I've created the separate layout in the calendar db and would like to show the id job numbe
  11. First of all, I wanted to say that everyone on this forum is amazing and has been soo helpful. Here's my dilemma. I'm working on a commissions database for our sales department. Right now, whenever a radio box is checked as a recoat, the commissions will zero out since they can not recieve commission on a recoat. Our problem lies whenever we credit someone for the bad material but then they want a recoat, so then we have to charge them for it, which would recieve commission. But that job would still be considered a recoat. I would like to have a drop down list that
  12. Yesturday, out of no where, some of my fonts started to look blurred or fuzzy and I have no idea how to fix it. It's only the bold fonts (arial) and a couple others. It has been working fine for years and just started this. Does anyone know of any solutions I can try to fix this? I use Filemaker all day long and don't think that I can handle looking at fuzzy fonts all day. Please help! -Robin
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