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  1. Just to add some extra input here...I had the exact same issue. Running FMServer 10 with 2008R2 64 bit. Database Server running, but unable to connect with Server Admin on local machine. Resolved by disabling one of the two network adapters on the server. Connecting to the Server Admin works fine when second Network Adapter is disabled. Re-enabling second Network Adapter makes it happen again.s For now, I will simply disable the second Network Adapter when I want to log in to the Admin Interface, which is not that often...and re-enable my second adapter when I am finished, since it d
  2. Well, I can get the example they give you with the plugin to work with the test account of the payment gateway. So no problems there. However, integrating the plugin properly into the existing database is daunting. I could probably figure it out, given enough time, but I would rather have someone who has worked with that plugin before to give me hand so I can wrap this project up.
  3. I am finishing up a project for a small mountaineering outfit in California. The project has been done in Filemaker 10. The last piece of the puzzle is they need the eAuthorize plugin from WorqSmart integrated into the database. I have been able to sort of get it working...it functions with the test account I have for the Payment Gateway (Sage) But I dont think I am setting it up correctly, and need some help with the integration. We have not purchased the plugin yet, but will as soon as needed. I have just been playing with the demo. If anyone has some experience with eAuthor
  4. Okay...after some digging I came across a post someone made for getting Server with Web Publishing working with Windows 7: http://fm.lithium.com/fm/board/message?board.id=us-fms&thread.id=2884 It also works with Windows Server 2008r2...only thing I had to do that is not mentioned in the instructions is run the Process Explorer as administrator or you wont be able to see the command lines. Here is the gist of it: How to: a) Get Process Explorer (an extended version of the Task Manager) : Launch the Admin Console and click Edit Server Deployment
  5. I have been attempting to install Filemaker Server Advanced 10 on Windows Server 2008r2 on two seperate machines and get the same exact error you are experiencing, line for line. I have also tried installing my own PHP to see if that made a difference, but no go. The next thing I am going to attempt is to un-install my network adapters, as I read some post a while back a guy wrote about having some success with that...I will re-post once I have tried.
  6. Hi all. I have been working on a solution for tracking monthly payments for various accounts. The problem I was having was that there is a 10 day grace period on payments, so a payment due on September 29 might be paid in November, but should still be associated with the month of September. I read over quite a few posts. Looked at various calendar solutions, and came up with something that seems to be functional, but I would like some feedback and thoughts. Soren (good man that he is) is looking over the project as a whole, but I am curious what others think of the basic idea here. A
  7. I have been working on a database I have "inherited". It was probably designed in Filemaker 4. There are several fields where the designer used a question mark in the field name. For example ?MF is the name of one field for a Male Female check-box. Someone recently warned me about using question marks in names, but they did not say why. Do I need to be concerned about these field names? Filemaker has given me warnings about other special characters in field and table names, but not about question marks.
  8. I am working on two separate projects right now. They are both slightly complex (but in different ways). If there is someone who could have a look at what I have done so far and give me some constructive feedback, I would be willing to pay through Paypal. You could possibly look at one project to start out with and see how things go. Or is there some secret place where Filemaker developers can log in and exchange work they do with other developers for feedback? Perhaps to join you have to submit some work to demonstrate a certain skill level?
  9. Hi. I ran across this same thought while I was putting together a database for a small business with a few employees. Originally, I just wanted a little notepad that the employees could leave notes for me if they ran across bugs or had problems with the database. Then I started elaborating a little more, and it ended up being a message system across the entire office. Its pretty simple. The database is on a server of course. There is a table called "OfficeNotes" and I added a little button that launches a new window that accesses that table. It sort of looks like writing an email. They just
  10. Hi there. I am a beginner Filemaker Developer, currently working on a couple of projects for some small business in my area. I am plugging along okay, but would love to have an experienced Filemaker Pro have a look at my work so far and give feedback. How much would you charge for such a thing?
  11. So what I have done for this situation is just parse out the names of the people from each record and create new records for these people. Then, I created a "Groups" table and set that up to allow creation of new groups and label them each as "Family", or "Friends" or "Company" or whatever. There is also a join table between Groups and people. This way you can add as many people to each group as you want, and add a person to as many groups as you want. It seems to be a very workable solution so far. I am ironing out the small details now. I took this more elaborate solution (as opposed to j
  12. I am currently working on updating a database that has a "People" table. This contains address, numbers, some comments and of course, the persons first and last name. Simple enough; however, over the years, the folks using this database have often added family members to the first name field. For example, one record might say "Pete and Linda" on the first name..then the rest of the fields are filled in normally. The problem I am running into with this is that sometimes one of the people listed will be in a course (this is an outdoor sports school)..so now we have listed "Pete a
  13. I was just working through a very similar issue and I liked DJ's idea best, so I played around and got it working. My issue was that I was working on a huge table of People. In this table was mixed "Guides" and "Students" (I didn't set this up, sort of inherited it). I wanted a layout that showed only Guides, and a way to check a person as a Guide or uncheck them from the People layout, and have that make them show up (or not) on the Guides layout. I created a new table called Guides that only contained an id_People field to make the relationship between Guides and People,and then a se
  14. Hi. Thanks for the tip about using External Authentication. It was not quite what I was looking for, but it works great for some other issues I was having. I ended up using a tutorial I found online that solves the problem of having multiple files that need the same user accounts. This tutorial has a walk through to create a user administration interface. Very nifty. Here is the link: http://my.advisor.com/doc/17679?open&pid=
  15. If you do not have a static IP address setup with your Internet Service Provider (if you dont know then you probably do not have one) then you can go to someplace like dyndns.org, and read over their help stuff. Basically you will set up an account with them, then install their little updater and synch it with the account you just set up, and that will give you a nifty address and you wont have to worry about public IP anymore, just use that address. They take care of synching your address with your ever-changing public IP address. Now if you do for sure have a static IP, you will need
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