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  1. I have 4 fields defined as miles, rate, gross_amount, volume_amount and flat_rate. The gross_amount field needs to calculate this scenario: if miles has a value then miles * rate if flat_rate has a value then flat_rate if neither has a value then volume_amount (which is a calculation field) needs to return volume_amount * rate. I have tried different scenarios but not able to make it work. Case ( IsValid ( flat_rate ) ; flat_rate ; IsEmpty ( flat_rate ) ; (miles * rate) ; volume_amount * rate )
  2. Yes, that works. Thanks Yes, that works great. Thanks
  3. I posted a sample file to explain what i'm trying to do. In the employee record i want the field flag to have a value of "on" if any of the related records does not have a value in the stop field. This needs to work even if the portal is not on the layout. thanks trying to figure out how to post the file Untitled.fmp12.zip
  4. I'm trying to generate a report that will return all students in all grades summarized by each year. see attached file thanks
  5. i'm using a container field to store a link to a file. On mac it works fine but the same database running on windows will not open up a file. It inserts ok but when double clicked it doesn't do anything? I have tried different files, with the same luck. thanks for any help.
  6. In a portal lets say I have a date field thats supposed to fall into a range (by calculation), and I tab to the next field and so on, and no validation window pops up until the record is committed. Then I get the popup window, select ok and it takes me to the first field in the first line of portal
  7. Mine will return to the first field in the portal but not the field in question
  8. When a validation fails for a field thats in a portal, how can I get it to return to that field?
  9. I'm trying capture a summary of this text field and then in another table create a new record for every for every summary. another words no duplicates. I've tried using a loop in a script but can't get the right results.
  10. If I have a text field that contains a particular state. How do i return a list of all states that are being used for the found records.
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