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  1. Webcam.js doesn't work, even when loaded with SSL/https... "Webcam.js Error: No supported webcam interface found."
  2. I cannot select inside an input field at a specific character. Clicking on the field works and selects the field, but I then need to use the arrow keys to go to a specific characters. Mouse clicking at a specific characters does nothing. Anyone has experienced this? screen.mov
  3. File attached, but it's just the WebViewer with a link to https://fieldsmedia.com/cameracapture/ The issue seems to lay in the access privileges to the webcam. Webcam Capture.fmp12
  4. Come on guys, this forum is to help and be helped in all Filemaker related. Playing Dr. Phil is not Filemaker related, and more so not helping anybody.
  5. Criticizing ugly stock themes is not necessarily ranting, but cancel culture responses aside - I found what I overlooked. Coming from an older version I am was not very familiar with Themes/Styles and did not know that you had or could format 'Hover', 'Pressed' and 'In Focus' as well. Having duplicated a stock Theme, the formatting I changed in 'Normal' mode did (logically) not update the other 3 modes. So to explain the issue, in 'In Focus' mode the field had the stock padding applied (where I changed the default to 0 padding), hence the field growing when selected. Anyway, solved...
  6. I have a regular text field with a height of 20 px in Layout mode. In Browse mode that height is respected. But when I select the field, the height seems to triple and a blue border is added. How do I get rid of this behavior? No doubt it has to do with the stupid Themes thing, but how do I edit that? And is there a way to completely remove the Themes/Styles from a database? This feature has zero usable themes as they are ALL UGLY. I create a nice pro look and copy paste fields, Filemaker Themes/Styles s*ck.
  7. Informing that I am not getting a message of a duplicate serial when using on a Mac, and simultaneously on a Windows 10 virtual machine. The Mac and VM have different IP's and sharing a database on the same LAN. Maybe it's because of the VM? Don't know if the serial checks an IP or a hardware ID... Going of topic here.
  8. Will a single license/serial work on various computers on a local LAN? (question is if it is technically possible, not if you should). I tried it on a single Mac, and a second Windows version on that same Mac via Parallel's Desktop. They have different IP's, can share a database and work with the same serial number. Do not have more computers to test... Pricing is too high, it used to be $299 and found that high. My solution is for an office with 4 computers that will never use the Layout part of the database, they only enter and edit data. I would be the only one making the database. I mentioned this before, why isn't there a VIEWER version of FileMaker?
  9. Not for Windows as well? Need it cross platform, the reason why I chose the web viewer way...
  10. I made an awesome capture utility to capture pics from a webcam for ID card purposes. Works perfect online, but in the fm web viewer is does not (it loads the basic html, but nothing more). It uses javascript and css, nothing fancy or out of this world. Tried it as a link to my server, and as complete html code. Anyone got an idea on why this is not working? https://fieldsmedia.com/cameracapture/
  11. I have a customer that uses 4 stations and still uses FMP 11 (database was created in version 9, I believe somewhere around 2008)... They (still) do not want to spent 4x $299 to upgrade to the latest versions. One, because everything works, so why? Second, because in their view they use the database, not the app with all of it's features they don't use and never will. Adobe made Elements, basically a limited version of Photoshop. I still believe a non-layout version would be a great addition to the line up. It would sell like hot cakes and for sure be appreciated by developers and (small business) end-users alike... FileMaker Go for Desktop indeed sounds nice, did not thought of that before.
  12. What do you think about an affordable Filemaker Pro Layout-less license? I explain: As a developer, and small business owner, I often run into problems selling 4+ $299 Filemaker licenses on top of my developer fee. The $299 x 4+ equals big bucks for a small business. And 10 out of 10 times, the people working with my database, never go to Layout mode. I am suggesting an affordable layout-less license for small business office use. (You would still need a regular license to update the database) I am convinced fellow-developers run in to this as well. Please sign the petition to see if this can be accomplished. Official Petition to be sent to Filemaker Inc.
  13. I challenge anyone to decrypt this... Even with the verify weblink, which is not available normally, I think it will be hard to impossible. Just added a better hash which adds lower caps and numbers for more randomness. Oi23825l7455 oP47247E0887 VO957142K378 13739448P283 0f78772Ok163 https://fieldsmedia.com/verify/
  14. Maybe a little too enthusiastic with 'super secure', but thanks to the 'constructive' critics ;-) I was able to better the concept. Random string is checked for doubles prior to being calculated, added double letters to the sequence, made the hash longer and made the calculation more complex. SQ66450CB119 AM12264BR442 SD76146FA698 FA78819SW656 https://fieldsmedia.com/verify/ If you give away the key of your SSL certificate, hackers can decrypt it and your doomed. Same here, if the calculation and hash are known, it would be an easy game. Hackers will always go for easy pray first, and base their attacks on what's at stake (decrypting chair tags would not be one of them). In this case it is not an easy task discovering a 800+ string hash and calculation. In my opinion the concept of creating secure unique id sequences, as an alternative to 'open' sequentially numbered ones, is great and something to dive into. For example, lot of companies use sequential numbered barcodes as customer ids. This is easy to duplicate and the system will accept it as usual. If the system could check at id scan if a card is genuine or not, that would be great.
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