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  1. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if someone can help us out. What i would like to do is restrict people so that they can only see the records in the database where their username matches an "account manager" value. I've been looking in to access and privilages but cannot see how's best to do this. Thanks, Ian
  2. Thanks comment, That was exactly what i needed - is now running like a dream -D Thanks again!
  3. Hi all I'm having a problem getting my head around a script and hoping you people can help me. What I need to do is bring up all records where the date field is between today and 30 days time and then run the rest of my script but I can't get how I get my variable or another field with the date in 30 days time in to my field in find mode. Hope someone can help. Thanks -)
  4. ieuuk


    hey, I managed to fix it - i had the relationship worng ) Thanks for all your help ieuuk
  5. ieuuk


    i've managed to get it to work between another 2 tables so i'll keep hacking away at it an let you know ) Thanks for you help so far!
  6. ieuuk


    Thank you for the response... i think i must be missing something though. What i dont appear to be able to get is the address to change with the location ID... not quite sure where im going wrong. Any ideas? Thanks, ieuuk
  7. ieuuk


    Hi All, I'm wondering if someone can help me out here because i just cannot work out how you would go about doing this... let me explian. I have 3 tables in a database: companies, addresses, contacts. So one company can have many contacts and addresses. What i am trying to do is i have created a drop down box on my contact where i can select what address ID that contact is at... and what i want to be able to do is display the rest of the address details for that address ID but i just cannot work it out. Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance, ieuuk
  8. thank you for the reply. do you have any suggestions as to which plugin will do the job? thanks, ieuuk
  9. Hey all, Hope you're all well. I am currently trying to schedule a script that will run a script which will find a set of results, create a pdf of the results and then email out the pdf. Easy! I have created a script which can do this with no problems but when i create the scheduling part of it the save as pdf and email functions go. I know i can create a mailto weblink to create the email but i need it to be automated. Has anyone got any ideas?
  10. it's so annoying - i need to get the crash report off of one of our pcs and will send it off to filemaker... see if i get anything that way. thanks, ieuuk
  11. no, not really - we have a different view which people change to so that it fits nicely on a page and then the user goes and selects file > print. I tried disabling one users windows firewall and they have been ok for a while and another user managed to fix it by printing to a different printer and then trying to use the same one again. The other strange thing is that even though filemaker crashes what you printed still comes out. I'm at a real loss with this one... any suggestions are welcome
  12. Hi all, I have a random problem when my users try to print from filemaker the client crashes. This has only started happening when we upgraded the server and the users from fm 8.0 to fm 9.0v3. Has anyone had a similar issue and managed to resolve it? Thanks, ieuuk
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