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  1. deaconpt


    That's something like! I will try to figure it out so I can learn something from it. Thank you very much. Happy things to you.
  2. deaconpt


    Anyone can help here?
  3. deaconpt


    I don't know which one would be best or easy to change later the values, any way would be great if in future I won't have to type the fee for each month over and over.
  4. deaconpt


    Thanks for the help, actually it's something like that I was looking for. But isn't there a way to change the "importo rata" so it could be automatically inserted when a new record is created? Or to have for example [color:red]2 different ways of 'monthly fees' , something like [color:blue]type A it fills the months with a kind of price and [color:blue]type B other prices, that way I could choose which one satisfies me more at the time.
  5. deaconpt


    Here it is, I hope you can understand. payment.zip
  6. deaconpt


    Anyone can help me?
  7. What I have to build is something like a [color:red]To Do List so I need the checkbox so the user can check the things that are already completed in that list. And since I am a noob on FM, I would love to get some advices where can I learn how to do it.
  8. Hi there, I would appreciate some help on this, how can I change the style of a field by clicking in a check box? for example: check box | text field [x] | [color:red]text here changes style (color, or strikeout)
  9. deaconpt


    Hi again, any ideaS?
  10. deaconpt


    Hi again, What i want is someway explained in the pdf file attached or here PDF Sorry for my bad english again. Any help would be great. helpme.pdf
  11. deaconpt


    I am still completely lost. The calculated field you said to create is a new one or it's one of the existed. And the sumary field only allows me to sum one field, and i have at least 12, since each monthly fee is an individual field. I don't know if there's an other way to do it.
  12. deaconpt


    Hello, I am trying to do something wich is kinda complicated to me since I am a recently FM user. What I've to is something like this: _____________________________________________ Field 0 | Field 1 | Field 2 | Field 3 | September | 20€ | description | checkbox | November | 30€ | " | checkbox | _____________________________________________| --- Total = ? How can I sum the values on Field 1 so it would give me the result on Total field. The values on field 1 are already there , they are always the same, but they only Sum when I click on the checkbox. Can anyone help me! Thanks and sorry for my bad english. conquer@sapo.pt
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