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  1. Turns out it is a known issue: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/162681
  2. Yes it is enterable, and to clarify, I am able to enter the field. The cursor is there and the field is in focus. However, any letters typed get deleted.
  3. When accessing a database via web direct from my iPad I am unable to type into any calculation field while in Find Mode. The field behaves as it does when in browse mode. Any letters typed into the field immediately disappear.
  4. I have not reported anything to Filemaker yet. I made the video for folks to find out if it was a common thing or just my copy of windows acting up. I'll be in Las Vegas in a few weeks for the conference. I was thinking about showing someone there.
  5. I have also had frustration with this same issue. I actually made my own post about it, but I'll join this discussion since no one has responded in mine. I actually made a video that shows exactly what I've been experiencing: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44119740/FMScriptReorder.avi (sorry I have to post this download link, I am not able to get the video to upload here) I'll point out also that the file I'm working with in the video is one created new using FM14, and it was definitely not corrupted.
  6. I found this post: http://fmforums.com/forums/topic/96509-lines-jumping-to-other-positions/ that seemed to be describing an issue similar to the one I was experiencing. It was suggested in that discussion that it could be the result of a corrupt database file. I don't believe this to be the issue. I have put together a short video that captures what I am experiencing. I couldn't get the video to upload, so here is a dropbox link to view it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44119740/FMScriptReorder.avi I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone else has experienced this. Maybe it can be nai
  7. When I try to run any script on the server I get the error "[FileName] is damaged and cannot be opened." However, FMServer is perfectly able to host the file, and users are able to access it remotely without problems. I was even able to close the file on server and manually open it using a client version on the host machine. No errors. I only get the error when I attempt to "Perform Script On Server." I performed a recovery on the file with no errors and got the message that the file was safe to use. However the problem continues.
  8. This "complaint" is of course all in good fun. I'm having a ball with 14. That being said, I wonder if we could actually get them to change it. I'm considering launching the "Fix The Cup" campaign
  9. I really only have one complaint when it comes to Filemaker, and seeing now that in version 14 it still has not been corrected is leading me to bring it up here. It's the coffee cup. The icon that appears when a database is under heavy load. The steam that is coming out of the cup is animated backwards. Rather than waves of steam starting at the cup and propagating upwards, the tips of the steam columns snake back and forth seeming to pull the lower part of the column along. This is not how steam works and appears unnatural. Go look for yourself. Perform a find on an unindexed calculation fiel
  10. This is an error I am receiving when attempting to import some XML. I can almost read the critical bit of information that would allow me to correct the invalid character: "at line 1, col..." And, this error window cannot be resized for some reason. Is there a windows system log I look in to find the entirety of the error message?
  11. IMHO, you need to limit your user choices to tables specified in a table (or in a custom value list), and have a predefined layout for each such choice stored in the same table (or in a parallel value list, or in the script itself). This is the exact conclusion I came to myself. Thanks for the insight.
  12. The purpose is part of a custom data export script. A short description of it is that a user is able to pull specified data from any table in the database into a temp table that can then perform any kind of data manipulation tasks and export either a flat file or XML block. The idea is that any number of custom exports are handled all in one place by a single script. It doesn't require any new tables, layouts, or relationships to create a new custom export. Any user can use it without putting data integrity of the primary tables at risk and without the developer having to get involved. From t
  13. The LayoutIDs function returns a list of all layout ids in the database. I am looking for a way to return only the ids of layouts associated with a selected table occurrence.
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