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  1. We have a client working on Win 2012 virtual servers, one is running FMS 15 the other is running FM Pro 15 in Terminal Services. Both instances are running on the same physical machine. In a script, the user will select a PDF file, approx 300K, and insert it into a container field configured for external storage. The process takes 30-60 seconds when hosted with (Not Responding) message showing at the top of the window. In single user mode, the process is instantaneous. Thoughts? Also, what does the setting to Optimize for interactive content do? I have this set for the PDFs.
  2. When pasting a Perform Script step which contains a call to a script in a file not open or linked to the current file, FileMaker locks up. Discovered on Win 7, machine. In FMA 14, the expected paste result is shown in the attached file.
  3. Thanks, Lee. Replies can be directed to me at jkamm@tourtools.com.
  4. We are an established vertical market application developer in need of additional programming assistance for the web portion of our solution. We customize each of our FileMaker and companion web site solutions to meet the needs of our clients. The web site architecture is based on a YII MVC design. Programmer should have knowledge of FileMaker PHP API, PHP, HTML, YII (or other MVC), Tortoise SVN and basic Windows server configuration. Ongoing work would be available, all work is remote to our development servers.
  5. We have created a FM interface file that contains a master script to open the solution files and run a series of scripts in several of the solution files. The function of the scripts is to send emails with PDFs, some of which are existing, some of which need to be created and attached to the email. We want this to run on Windows Server 2012, Standard; we are using admin accounts in FileMaker as well as the server. We have scheduled a task in the Windows Task Scheduler to open the FileMaker file, which it does. The interface file is programmed to run the master script using the OnFirstW
  6. We are storing .mp4 files in records which have a container field optimized for video. The FM file is hosted on FM12 server. The files insert correctly and the field transforms into a player but clicking play does nothing. The files are 4-8 MB. Deleteing the file, re-inserting it as a file (as opposed to a video) and then exporting the file with the the additional instruction to oepn upon export will successfully export, open the Quicktime player and play the file when the play button is clicked on the QT player. The workstation is XP sp3, FM Pro 12.v2. Am I missing any settings
  7. Working in FileMaker 12, Win. We have set up custom menus with limited choices and made it the default for all files. There are 9 files in the solution, hundreds of layouts and there are two accounts that I want to use the full menu set. I have created a script that checks the account name and runs a script with the install menu step as needed. Each file has a copy of this script. I have set the script to trigger on OnFirstWindowOpen and OnWindowOpen in the File Options menu. The change seems to stick for awhile. Entering find mode and performing a search seems to be one event t
  8. I have further determined that the loss of data in portal rows when sliding is on and the document is in preview mode is related to the fact that the TO for the portal is based on an external FileMaker Data Source. To test, I created a portion of the external file's fields in a new table in the same file as the parent record table and imported some data. Switching the portal to display the child records from the new TO from the same file as the parent record showed no loss of data. I found another issue related to creation of records in a layout based on a TO from an external file but I w
  9. We converted one of our solutions to FM 12 from FM 11. There is a report layout with body records that contain a portal that can display 3 or 4 child records. The portal row contains 3 text fields. The layout objects are set to slide up and reduce the size of the enclosing part. The report has worked correctly FM 3-11. The problem is that the child records in the portal rows sometimes fail to display in preview mode. Some records display the child records in the portal, others display only the first record. The portals display correctly in browse mode as list view or form view, Remov
  10. We frequently need to rename a set of files by adding a prefix to the regular filenames. We do this to work on multiple copies of a system at a time. Adding a prefix to the original filenames using the rename utility works without a problem. Using Win FM 11.0v3 Adv. However, when we try to rename the set of files by removing the prefix to restore the original filenames, the process fails on most of the files. I end up going into the file and changing the external file references manually, removing the prefix from the file name and file path. Am I missing something in setting up the r
  11. Greetings. I don't believe this is a Windows version issue. If you look at the PDF file properties, Security tab you will see the Groups and User names who have permissions for the file. For some reason FM 11, using the Save As PDF button in the Status panel or the script step, creates files without a lower level users/groups. PDFs I created with Schubec plug-in have the lower level user group included. Obviously the permissions groups will vary from one system to another but you will find that if you add a lower level users group permission to your file, your readers will be able to ope
  12. We have a strange situation in FM 10 that we have not encountered in previous versions. Windows environment, server host, 25 users. A user logs in using an account that has restricted privileges – can view layouts but not edit; can create, edit and delete in some tables; run scripts; view lists, menu commands set to all. When the user runs a script to produce a multi-page document, the script pauses in preview mode for inspection but the page arrows are dimmed out and are inactive. The same report for a user with full privileges will pause with the page arrows enabled. A user wh
  13. Try this: Open a file FileMaker 10. Open Task Manager, (Win XP 3) and click on Processes tab, select FileMaker process to watch CPU usage. In FM 10, locate simple layout with text field, click into field and start typing. Hour glass will appear and the key strokes will cease appearing. Cursor bar still shows in field but field does not respond to keyboard entry. Watch the CPUs, mine spike upwards to 98 or so. Click back in field and type. Hour glass will appear again in a few strokes and field looses focus. Clicking back in the field restores focus and enables entry but CPUs are still ext
  14. Two clients, (multiple users, similar solutions) have reported this problem beginning a few weeks ago. We have FM 8, 8.5 and 9 users with this solution as well and so far, no report of this problem. A user will be typing in a field and the cursor will suddenly exit the field; subsequent keystrokes are not entered, no other field is selected. The user must click back into a field to resume entry. It is described as the keyboard freezing or the screen freezing but a click in a field or on a button seems to reestablish focus on the FM window. I don't believe it is a slow screen redraw issue
  15. Is anyone using this combination in Windows? The developer's demo appears to work but I am looking for confirmation from someone using in a live environment.
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