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  1. I have 2 portals on a layout, the left side is a portal showing all jobs to my attention. What I want to do in the right hand portal is show the details of the record I have selected in the left. Does anyone know how to do this?
  2. Does anyone know of a good plug-in for creating better reports? I would like a report to show an artist down left, the month on top and below the month the totals for the given artist. I cannot find a way to do this in my current version.
  3. You'll have to create a button that will run a script to create a new record in both tables and set the related record. As far as I know Record/New will only create a new record in the one table.
  4. Does viewing a relationship through a portal cause a unstored field to be evaluated?
  5. Thanks for your help but that will not work I will need to rethink my logic because what I need to see in the portal is "Job In" no matter the date and "Proof Out" only if modified today, see the logic break down?
  6. So tomorrow a record with the status of Job In will no longer be viewed in the Portal since it stored todays date???
  7. Maybe I am a knuckle head but I don't understand this case statement and what it is returning, looks like it's only returning the modified date, anyway I have attached the sample databases Case ( Order_Status = "Job In" or Order_Status = "Progress" or Order_Status = "Approved" or Order_Status = "Reproof" or Order_Status = "Quality Control" or Order_Status = "Plating" or Order_Status = "Shipping" , Modified Date ) Archive.zip
  8. Sorry, I don't think this will work, what I want the portal to show is all status from "Job In" to "Shipping" and "Proof Out" only if modified date equals today. Any Ideas?
  9. Has anyone successfully connected FM and UPS Worldwide Shipping? If so, I'd like to learn how, basically trying to get the tracking number into FM each night...
  10. To break the problem down to it's simplest form, I have a case statement that looks at a field "Modified Today" and if the field is today return Active else return Inactive. Sounds easy, the problem starts tomorrow when the field never gets re-evaluated for Inactive. I can unstore the field so it's get evaluated during browsing but I have a portal on a another database that looks up my active work but is empty due to the unstored field. Any ideas? Below is the Case Statement: Case(Modified Date = Today,"Active", Order_Status = "Job In" , "Active", Order_Status = "Progress" , "A
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