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  1. it looks like we are getting closer. If I understand the logic, I would inport from a csv file the names into accountinfo2 and the code into accountinfo3 (on a once-a-month basis). I can place the file you created into the same location as my main inventory datbase and then reference it ... or is it better to basically try to use the logic you made and place it directly in the main database?
  2. just wondering if there were any thoughts on this?
  3. ok here is a screen snapshot of the graph of what I now have created (as an attachment). Hopefully it is set up right. I connected charge to network number and connected description to department (do they need separate connector line - and if so ho would you do that)? I then went into mange fields and made both ot them a lookup. I told department to look at description and charge to look at number. Now if I understand things shouldn't all of the available data points then appear in those fields? Am I missing something becuase the intent is that if I pick a name or a description then the
  4. believe me I appreciate the help but this is literally the first time I have ever worked with a database on the creation side. Other then utilizing one of those dummies for filemaker books I am a complete noob so sadly I do not know how to do the graph or table occurence you are referencing. SORRY!
  5. ok the import was a relative breeze. I now have a secondary table saved under a different name (in this case test.fp7) holding just g/l and description data. Went to file/manage/database then to the assignee department field. Options gets me to the lookup choice but the test database didn't show up. I then went to the file/manage/external and added that database but I was still missing a step somewhere. How do I get to seeing the test.fp7 data from my inventory database? Hope this makes sense.
  6. if I import the two columns, one holding the g/l code number and the other holding the text name, into a separate database could I reference them in such a way that if I selected either one than the partner would populate the respective field? I know in theory doing a cut and paste once a month into a drop menu would give me the data but since there are so many record items I see no way to be sure that if I selected one from either category I would transfer the partner data at the ame time. In a spread sheet it is easy. You scan across the row and SHAZAM. That is sort of what I am seeking
  7. actually after stumbling around a lot I found that you can set the number field to show currency and include (or exclude) commas and the location of a negative (in front or behind the dollar symbol). I also found that there is a way to bring up a calendar on a date field. Now to try out your ideas on greyed out fields.
  8. I know I can import. Just was trying to figure out if I could reference data in a spreadsheet. If importing is the option I need to be sure that if I select a g/l number the same NAME is selected.
  9. sorry if this should go into another secttion but it does relate to external sources. I have an Excel report produced monthly that indicates all the G/L accounts that are valid. I would like to populate a database with the number in one field (about a 10 digit alphanumeric string) and the text name of that group in a second field. Yes I know the issues with creating DLL or OLE type links to an external document but to set up the SQL stuff to go into SAP and grab the live data means I need to get into security, major coding and such and I am a total NEWB. I know I can do this once a month by
  10. I am working on creating an contract and inventory database. When I select under category I created a drop box showing new, upgrade or maintenance. If they select the first two I would like the maintenance term, maintenance beginning and maintenance end dates to 'grey' out if possible. Only if they select maintenance should those fields be adjustable. On a separate thing, is there a way to force entry into a field that shows purchase amount to have standard currency settings (in other words a dollar sign, a comma and a decimal point)?
  11. hopefully this is the last question regarding this but these are newbie questions LOL. Here is the script you mentioned above: Set Variable [ $path; "filewin:" & Get ( TemporaryPath ) & YourContainerField ] Export Feild Contents [ YourContainerField; $path; Automatically Open ] what do these 4 variables refer to: $path "filewin" temporarypath yourcontainerfield (and I will fix that typo in the export "field" line)
  12. again being new to this I was seeing this as a right mouse click and add file type situation and when I would need to see the data I would do the doucvle click. Since you mentioned that there is a way to do this, what was I doing wrong? I think a double click is simpler then running a script ... right?
  13. I created a database in which I am attaching related documentation. This would include things like purchase orders, emails, notes, etc. I can see how to add a container in which the documents are stored but when I click on the item (such as a pdf) the "attachment" doesn't open. What am I doing wrong?
  14. I am creating an inventory database and maintenance is one of the things I am tracking. This means I need to know when it begins and ends. I am not sure that this is a "must-have' or that it gains anything but is there a way that rather then typing in a date I can cursor over this field and have a calendar pop up so I can select from it?
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