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  1. Regarding: "if a portal doesn't have a scroll bar, it cannot scroll - by any means." It appears that you are right. It seams that I can use buttons to scroll with the scroll bar in place. But when I remove the scroll bar, the buttons no longer work.
  2. I am trying to replace the scroll bar in a portal with buttons. I have been able to scroll up and down the portal records successfully without a scroll bar. However, when I scroll down past the last visible record in the portal, the portal does not scroll down to make that record visible. For instance, if I have a portal with 10 rows (and is showing the 1st 10 records) that has 11 records and I scroll down from the 10th row, the 11th record is highlighted but the record is not visible. I am using "Go to Portal Row" to navigate. Any Ideas
  3. I am on FileMaker Pro Advanced 11. The modify event works. I had some other code that was not making it work. Thanks to all of you.
  4. I have a portal field that is a popup type. In addition to letting the user choose a value for the field, I would like a script to run when the user clicks on this field. I have tried the following without success: 1) If I give this popup field button capabilities in order to run a script, the script will run but the popup function no longer works. 2) If I try to use script triggers for this popup field, no matter what event(s) I choose, the popup function works but the script never runs. Any ideas?
  5. I am trying to start with a different form for the iPad (from the iPhone one) at login. In the past I have used "Get (System Platform)" to tell the difference between system platforms. The iPad and the iPhone both return the number "3" when I use this method. Any ideas?
  6. I am trying to start Apache and in the Server Preferences, I can't turn on Web Service. I push the button from Off to On and after a while the button goes back to Off and will not stay on. Any ideas?
  7. All of a sudden I am getting this message: The alias "FMS 10 Start Page" cannot be opened, because the original item cannot be found. It asks to fix Alias and I don't know where to look. I am using FM 10 Server Advanced.
  8. I guess if you used the upgrade method, as opposed to the export/import method, you would see the changed field name problem in your review. I don't know if the export/import method would give you that type of information. Thanks for all of your help.
  9. Do you think that the export/import method could eliminate this review - if you used matching names?
  10. Thanks for the tip. I have had a lot of trouble working with the import function probably due to needing to know this type of information. Is it safe to say that with every upgrade, you need to review all of your import script steps due to potential table changes between versions? Would the export/import method eliminate the need to do this review?
  11. Thanks again. I don't see any changes. How did you correct the problem? I thought at first that you refreshed the linkage, but that cannot be the case because you are only specifying the target table.
  12. Thanks again for your input. You have certainly done a lot of work in order to add clarity to the upgrade procedure. However, when I run the upgrade procedure in MyFile2_00, I can never get the third table (InvLI) to upgrade from MyFile1_00 to MyFile2_00. When I use the Script Debugger, it appears that it is trying to import the Invoices table into the InvLI table and does not succeed. See attached image for details.
  13. Thanks for your quick response. My present upgrade system works as you have outlined: 1. I need to know the path to the old file. If you have a consistent install, then you should know the path. However, I use the insert file as reference to capture the old file's path. 2. You'll need a script for each table. The script would go to a layout based on a TO for that table, (delete all records), import from the old file (saved import order), sort and use the SetNextSerial script step to, um, set the next serial ID so that your ID counters will not create records with duplicate IDs. 3. T
  14. I am trying to create import scripts for my file that has 134 tables to be used to upgrade the file at a later time. I have successfully created the 134 import scripts and have been able to import the data from the old file (FMFile_Upgrade.fp7) to the new file (FMFile.fp7). However, if I, at a later time, want to copy the present FMFile.fp7 to FMFile_Upgrade and test the upgrade scripts, it appears that the "Import Records" code changes the source table in all of the scripts. Should this happen? Is there some other way to do this that I should explore?
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