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  1. Is it possible, add stored pictures in the email body. I ve noticed that add container variables dont help since filemaker keep creating simple text emails. I realy need this, if filemaker 9 cant is filemaker 10 updated to it?
  2. So when i want to connect i just type the server ip plus the port at the favorite host at the remote connection....?
  3. Its not to print, its to save as pdf. What my script does is: 1. go to a specific layout,depending on previous setting. 2. write something on a field depending on the account. 3.save as pdf to a specific location. 4.send a email with this pdf attached. Im running that on a server. Then for some reason even after fixing the page size, it simply dont stick as i left it. It work, but after a while it begin croping again.
  4. I lose my page configuration to a especific size so i can save it as pdf without croping, everytime i close the aplication. Can i set something as a default so that stop happening?
  5. I can easely do this with FM9, but FM8.5 doesnt see externeal ODBC, is there a way to do this?!?!?
  6. Or a link to somewhere where i could find that info....
  7. I Need a step by step on how to make my DataBase in my FMS9 accessable truth internet by Filamker adv. 9 Program/Client. Pls!
  8. Thanks a Bunch DJ u are the best!
  9. My situation is this: OBS:I have only filmaker 8.5 so no conditional formating. I need to make a field unchangeable depending on a value of another field. I could make it disapear if i had conditional formating.... So is this possible in Filemaker 8.5???
  10. Hmm ok so where do i right the temporary path and where i specify the get(temporarypath) function? There is nothing in the Save as PDF or Send Mail thing that make me able to do that
  11. I want to create a routine that when pressing a button it automaticaly saves the layout as a PDF and automaticaly sends it to a especific adress. I cant find a automatic way to do it since or I use the Save as PDF thing and atach to a email but i cant edit the email, or i Use the Send Email but cant automaticaly save a layout and atach to it, the atachement needs to be done manualy.... Is there a way out?
  12. Ive been working in a solution for a while now then i wanted to add a pass to access it in the next day my was not being access it anymore i am desperated! is there anyway to override it?
  13. I would like to know if is there a way to stop the roller of the mouse from moving from record to record.
  14. My Situation: I have already many products registered into my filemaker database each of these products have a price and this info in a SQL Server. How can i link each price to each already filled record? So i need to import especific data from especific fields from sql to each of my already filled records in filemaker. What i need is kind a link between each field of each record to each one in SQL. Is that possible?
  15. My custumised homepages from filemaker pro 9 adv dont work for server. how can i custumize it?
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