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  1. I found the answer on my own... thought I'd post it here just in case anyone else has the same problem. In addition to all the com.filemaker items in ~/Library/Preferences, there's a folder called FileMaker Preferences. That folder contains one prefs file for each version of FMP. I deleted the one for 9.0A, and then was able to open the program normally.
  2. Sorry, this is a bit off-topic but I couldn't find a category that this problem seemed to fit... When I try to open FMP9 Advanced, I see the initial "loading" screen briefly, and then suddenly the program isn't running anymore. No crash report notice appears. It was working fine earlier today, I haven't installed or updated anything since the last time it opened successfully. I tried removing my extensions and trashing all the com.filemaker prefs in ~/Library/Preferences. That didn't help. Tried reinstalling FMP9A, still doesn't work. Restarting did no good. Tried opening other FMPs
  3. For some reason I thought that an Applescript run from within FMP couldn't script FMP. Good to know that's not the case, thanks. The real problem though, is knowing when it's safe to proceed... having the Applescript call a FMP script just begs the question, since the Applescript doesn't know when the PDF is done being created either. I ended up doing two loops in Applescript, the first one waiting until the file exists, and the second one checking the size of the PDF every .2 seconds until it comes up the same size as it was in the previous iteration. A little kludgy, but it works.
  4. Hello. I have a Filemaker script which basically does two things: 1) runs a calculated applescript to create a PDF of a web page showing information specific to the record being viewed in the DB. 2) uses the Insert File script step to put the PDF into a container field. Usually this works well. But sometimes, it takes too long to create the PDF, and step 2 gives an error saying "This file is locked or in use". When that happens, the only button in the dialog box is OK, and when the button is pressed, the script proceeds without having inserted the file. I want to prevent that from
  5. In another post you mentioned that you'd helped write a technical brief on External Server Authentication for FMS9. But on Filemaker's web site I can only find the FMS8 version. Do you have a link to the FMS9 one? We can't afford to buy another server, unfortunately, but still, it's a document I'm interested in reading.
  6. Does External Server Authentication require any particular processes in order to work correctly? Sometime between last night and this morning, it just stopped working on my server, users could no longer log in with external accounts... everything else was fine, and restarting the server-computer (FMPS and the OD Server used for authentication are on the same machine) got it working again. The only cause for the problem I can think of & haven't eliminated is some process crashing & not restarting. But I don't know what exactly to look for. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the workaround, James. I hadn't thought of trying that.
  8. That's what I tried first: I used an if statement to make the menu item change to Enable or Disable based on a global field. But in practice, FileMaker never reevaluates that calculation... so no matter what, the name of the menu item doesn't change. Am I missing something?
  9. When creating a custom menu, is there a way to toggle a check mark to appear beside a menu item? (Like how there's a check mark next to Browse in the View menu when you're in Browse mode.) Thanks.
  10. I'm in a similar situation, I wish there were a get(calculationfieldname). My situation is that I have fields named the same way in 3 DBs, and depending on which index field is filled in, I want to get the contents of the field from DB1 or DB2. Of course there are other ways to get the results I need, but calculationfieldname would be much easier to implement across many fields.
  11. The new status area is awful. It uses vertical space when most of the world has landscape-oriented monitors, which translates to users no longer being able to see a full page on screen. It's change for the sake of change, and despite the harm it does to usability. Plenty of smaller problems too: It's got enormous buttons for seldom-used functions (new/delete record), which can easily be hit with stray clicks. If you hide/show it, the window doesn't resize properly. In layout mode part of it changes colours. Layout names in the dropdown menu are in an enormous font. If customization
  12. Do you know the minimum requirements for IWP? I really don't want to spend money on RAM (or a new computer!) unless I'm sure that's the problem. (I've got a dual 1.8GHz G5 with 768 MB RAM.)
  13. G5 tower, 10.5.5 fully patched, FMP 9.0v3. I open a single database, turn on IWP, click the OK button, and FMP crashes. This happens consistently, nothing seems to help. Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution?
  14. Hello. I'm trying to pass a large amount of data from one DB to another by using a script parameter. So far it's working fine in my testing, but I'm wondering if there's a limit to how large a script parameter can be. Does anyone know if there's a maximum number of characters? Thanks.
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