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  1. Hi I want to be able to export fields from a record into an existing Excel file, and append to it rather than overwrite. This file is used by non filemaker users and therefore, keeping the data within FMP is not an option. Any changes to the file they make need to be kept. Not sure if this is possible/ Thanks Matt
  2. Quite regularly (several times a day!) so it would be great to script it and be able to click a button and voila!!
  3. I need to create a script to import a file into my database, that is not tab delimeted (a flat file). Its records are defined with a return, however each field is a designated number of characters long and not separated. Eg: field 1 = 9 characters field 2 = 30 characters field 3 = 10 characters etc. There are no tabs, commas or semicolons separating the fields. Thanks for any help!! Much appreciated.
  4. following on from this thread...How is it possible to insert a thumbnail into a container rather than the image itself. I cannot find details in help files on how to actually do this?
  5. Thanks I want to be able to get the script to automatically move the selected image files from the camera into a designated storage folder somewhere and then reference the image file in this folder. I will be doing this frequently so I don't want to have to manually copy images across from the camera using a File Management program. I suppose it is this file move scripting that I am keen to get help with? Also, this is a personal database so I don't need others to be able to acces the pictures. Just looking through the help files, I noticed that it says the whole import from
  6. I am trying to automate using a script, the ability to select photos from an external source such as a digital camera, have the selected image automatically copied to a defined folder on my hard drive, and then show the image in a container as a reference to the file (ie not copying the whole image across to keep the database file size down. Filemaker doesn't seem to have any file management abilities that I can find.
  7. Thanks everyone I ended up using Joshs advice with the fullname calc and it worked well!
  8. I am using a a dropdown list to show the surname field from a table containing thousands of names and addresses. The value list specifies the surname as the first field and also displays a second field which is first name. For some reason if there are people with the same surname, then only one instance of this name is shown in the drop list despite there being different firstnames!!! I cannot understand why if they are different records, that Filemaker excledes them? Any help appreciated that would enable me to show all records in these drop lists!!
  9. Put very succinctly John - that is exactly my problem trying to teach myself databases! :
  10. I have been able to exclude certain answers using a check box and an If() function in my calculation fields. See Question 5 and Question 18 in my mohtadi example. Maybe this is what you want to do?
  11. This should be simple?? Whenever I create a new layout, its size is limited by the print setup page size. For a layout that I don't want to print from I want to have an unlimited size if possible (at leat so I can fill the whole screen? Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Thanks John I have added my database as is. I have only started creating the surveys and not yet added any details for each user. Am I going about it the wrong way? Are portals the only way to go. The problem is that the format of some questions change within the survey and also, there are occasionally check boxes that remove the need to answer certain questions?? Might be in over my head!! : VAS_template_adding_score_indicator_Copy.zip
  13. Problem with multiple indicators!! While adding the indicator to multiple survey questions, I have found that the setscore script can only set the score for the field allocated to it. I hope to be able to set a new score to a different field related to each question. I thought I could make the score field a variable which I set within the script, however I don't have a way of setting this variable as all I am clicking on is a Dummybutton that can only pass the scriptparameter which is it's own number (from 1-100)?? Any thoughts on how I can set this up for multiple questions? Do I need t
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