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  1. I have a solution with half a dozen layouts. I have the same series of buttons on the top of each page. When I add a new button to one layout I want to add it to all the layouts. Now I have to do that process manually. In HTML there are includes that make this process simply. Is there a way similar to includes to allow for changing the buttons one place and they are automatically changed in all the layouts? Thanks, Rich
  2. Yes to all. The label printer spit out a label that was blank.
  3. Using FM 11.0v2 with the latest OSX. I can print labels with Dymo's software but I only get blanks when printing with FM. Any ideas?
  4. Find the text within a field. For example the text might be "The (test) examination is cancelled" assuming the word in parens is actually a strikethrough. Once the script is run the text would be "The examination is cancelled." Rich
  5. That's works fine. Now I need to be able to find text that is formatted as "strikethough" and delete it. Thanks
  6. I want to be able to highlight a portion of the text in a field and then run a script to change the text's color. Is there a way to do that? Thanks
  7. My problem (the link) is different than yours. I am running FM with a similar configuration with no problems except the one noted in the link. Rich
  8. I tried what you suggested and no crash. Now I have to figure out which application is causing the problem. Rich
  9. Good idea. I quit FM, relaunched it, and opened a solution on my computer. Then I pulled the plug on the monitor and FM quit. Rich
  10. I now have an external monitor at work - an Acer 22 inch. When I disconnect the MacBook Pro from it FM doesn't crash. So it seems to have something to do with my Optiquest monitor. Rich
  11. All I could find were discussions about financial audit trails. That's not what I am looking for. Word shows the changes made in a document. It gives the user the option of accepting or rejecting changes made by someone else. Rich
  12. The message I see is the Apple message that the applications has quit, no other applications were affected, and there are three buttons at the bottom of the message - report, relaunch, or cancel. I noticed this AM when I was about to close my laptop a different occurrence. I unmounted the two external hard drives, unplugged the AC adaptor, pulled out the plug for the external speakers, and pulled the Firewire cable (for unmounted hard drive) and the USB cord (external hard drive and scanner), and then pulled the cord for the external monitor. I don't close the computer until the scr
  13. I do access a hosted database, but I also access databases on my computer. I sign off from the hosted database before I put the computer to sleep. The application quits - that's what I mean. Rich
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