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  1. Bummer... at least there is a solution though - just a quick question if I may... would this feature that you spoke of be available in version 6 or 7? I'm thinking I may be able to track down an old version through eBay if I'm lucky...
  2. I have entered those details into the calculation field and this is the alert that is displayed on screen (refer picture). The field has been made a Time field, the only thing I can think of is that I am running FileMaker Pro 5.5 - this function may not be available in this version? Regards, Shaun (sticks1977)
  3. Thanks for your reply, where exactly do I place this calculation to get the end result? Let's say the field I am looking to change is "Artwork". I go into File > Define Fields... > Artwork (time field), then I click on the 'Options...' button. Do I place the calculation in the Auto-Enter > Calculated value, or the Validation > validated by calculation ?? Also what calculation should I be looking to enter into the field? I have entered "Artwork / 60" but it does not give me the result in a time format... Any more help and assistance would be welcome...
  4. We are paid by the minute, but I will want to end up having two separate fields: Field 1 will be entered by the user, say they enter in 15 and it will display 00:15 as a result for 00 hours and 15 minutes. Field 2 will automatically calculate the p/hour rate, in this case 15 minutes will give a result of $31.00. Will the calculation you have mentioned only work for Field 2? Should there be a separate calculation to achieve the 'time' result for Field 1?
  5. I am not even sure if this is possible - but if it is I think I would have come to the right place. So far everyone here has been helpful with any problems I have had with FileMaker calculations. My next issue with the database is to do with the 'Time' function. Is it possible to setup a script/calculation/formula to convert a numeric entry into a time result? I have looked into the 'Time' sub-menu in the 'Format' menu without any luck... As an example, entering 360 (minutes) will produce 06:00, or entering 15 (minutes) will produce a result of 00:15 0 I would then use this as the ba
  6. We have a database that records the time that has been taken to typeset or create a job in our department. We previously used a decimal point system for entering time taken for any work that we had done. For example - 15 minutes equated to .25 (1/4 of an hour) and 1 hour of work was entered as 1.00. Recently we have switched over to a new system of charging for artwork and it is on a per minute basis and a cost has been assigned at the rate of $124 per hour. I have been able to create a field which will automatically calculate the cash rate and enter it into another field using
  7. I am wondering if there is a script or calculation that I can setup to find all records in my database for a particular month and year. Several date fields are completed in this database as its main function is to keep dates of each job that comes through our department. The first date entered is an automatically generated field once a new record is created named "Received". The next two date fields are entered by the user which are "Artwork" and "Proof Out", these can sometimes be several days later than the "Received" date and thus require their own field. Lastly, there a
  8. There were two 'received' date fields as one of them contained the date in dd/mm/yyyy format and the other just had the day of the week according to the date "Mon-Fri". I have tried the calculation to get a turn-around time by deleting the second received date and proof out fields but I get the same result unfortunately... Regards, Shaun (Sticks1977)
  9. Still no luck... I tried to swap over the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' with 'Received' and 'Proof Out' and it kept giving me this error: [color:red]Either an operator was omitted, this function cannot be found, or "(" was not expected here I am running Filemaker 5.5 here on a Mac, not sure whether v5.5 even has the capabilities to create a turn-around date for weekdays only. Is there something that I am still not doing right? I even tried the other formula/calculation that was in the thread that you pointed me towards and I had the same error message. Any help again would be
  10. Thanks for your reply, I copy and pasted the formula into a calculation field and it came up with a few errors... I am completely new to this method of formula's and calculations so in some ways I am flying blind... I have attached a picture showing the current database layout that we use and will explain what I am after. I understand the concept of only counting the weekdays and not weekends - which is what I would be looking to achieve. Currently in all the red boxes with shading I have the current date in dd/mm/yyyy format "Received" and then the day of the week in the box next t
  11. I posted this in "The Left Brain" but I think I should have placed it here in the calculation area of this forum. A link is below to my original post - I am hopeful that someone can help me with the date formula/calculation... Date Calculation - Turn around time?
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