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  1. so, i have a filemaker database that i built for work. i have the database where you can import pictures. but to keep everything 'uniform', i wrote an applescript that will check the file that is being added to see if it is a jpg. if it is, it will rename it, move it to our server drive and import it to filemaker. if it's not a jpg, it will convert the file to jpg using image events, then continue the process with the jpg that was just created. it works like a charm in script editor. but when i add it to filemaker, it works for the firsts time i run the script, but on the second and all
  2. comment, you seem to be the person on this forum that always saves my day. lol. THANK YOU!
  3. ok, so i'm stuck again and figured the experts here would find this to be easy, but it is just not coming to me. so, i'm building a finance tracking database to track my bills for the month and basically, i'll have two tables. one will be the payees table (which will have the payee name, amount due, date due, etc), and one table will be the list view of all the 'transactions' for the month. essentially, at the beginning of the month, i want to click a button that will run a script to fill in all upcoming bills. which works fine...until i got to one that needs to be paid every friday instea
  4. perfect! thank you for your help, comment!
  5. that works great, but when i do it, it comes out looking like this: "set afflName to \"123456\"¶tell application \"Google Chrome\"¶delay 1¶ tell application \"Google Chrome\" to set index of window 1 where title contains \"Sample Page\" to 1¶do shell script \"open -a Google\\\ Chrome\"¶ tell active tab of window 1¶ set t to (execute javascript \"document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].innerHTML\") as text¶ if t contains afflName then¶ repeat while loading is true¶ delay 0.1¶ end repeat¶ set idNumber to text ((offset of af
  6. ok, scratch that. it's on the line. i started a new script and just added one line at a time until it errored out and that's the one. so.....hmmmm.... ok, found it. i guess it needed 3 "\" instead of two between Google and Chrome. weird.
  7. i'm about to pull my hair out here. i've got an applescript that works perfectly in the applscript editor, but when i try to add it to filemaker as a calculated value, i get that error. i'm not finding what quote i'm missing. any help would be greatly appreciated. this is the script editor version: and here is the filemaker version: I have to think it's on the "execute javascript \"document.forms['Form1']['ddlAffiliateList'].value = '\" & strippedNumber & \"'\"" & ¶ &" line, but i've tried everything and can't seem to figure it out. please help!
  8. worked like a charm. thank you so much eos! you're a genius. (or i'm just really stupid...either way. lol)
  9. oooohhhh, ok. so, having both windows open might be the issue is what you're saying? let me try that.
  10. i would usually just set the memorized fields as variables, then set fields on the main table with those variables, but there's about 150 fields....so i'm not really wanting to go through all of that.
  11. well, that's the problem. there won't actually be any matching fields. i just need the data from the 'memorized' table to overwrite the data in the main table for just that one record.
  12. I'll try to be as detailed as possible, but here's what i have: I have a paperwork database that is basically allowing me to fill in paperwork that is necessary for my company to start an account. Well, after using this database for a while, I found that I was having to retype a lot of information when the same customer would submit a new app. So, I created a 'template' table that basically stored their information so that when they need a new account, they email me, and I can just click one button and all of their data is imported from the 'memorized' table into the main table. it's be
  13. thank you kris. looks like that might be exactly what i need. got some reading to do.
  14. i 'almost' followed you on that one. haha. what do you mean by a 'delimited array'? i understand what the words mean, i'm just asking how i would go about doing that process? oh, and thank you for the quick reply. also, i can have excel run a macro for the formatting end of it. i'm just trying to figure out how to get the data to work. obviously, getting column headers is default. but getting it to list the names out on the left as headers seems to be stumping me.
  15. oh, i should probably also explain that the names down the left column are from the 'contacts' table, while the events across the top are from an event table. so, two separate tables, but each would be required for their headers.
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