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  1. thanx for the help and replies guys. sorry i wasn't able to reply soon as i was in the process of moving to a new location and such. Lee Smith, thanx for the example file. unfortunately its not a very workable solution for me. so now i'm trying to limit it to one date-field and radio button only. that is, if date-field contains a date in it then it cannot be changed / modified unless radio-button is active or ON. for me...this last modification request came in when i was 99.99% done with the project and coding. so to accommodate this new request...i will have to modify lots of code which
  2. confusing? really? :-/ i tried to make it as simple as possible. i guess sometimes we make things even more complex when trying to make them simple. well all i want to do is to make FIELD2 disable [containing a date] as long as RADIO BUTTON is not checked. once its checked, field2 becomes active to receive new date. i can't upload/share the project file because its a huge project with tons of code in it and also i'm not allowed / authorized to share it with anyone. :-/ and thanx for ur reply. atleast u replied even if its not the solution or some hint... :(
  3. hello all... its me again...:-/...i have an issue and need your help to fix it. i have 3 fields [2 date type, 1 radio type] and i want to make sure once a date is entered into field2, user cannot change / modify it until radio button is clicked [on/active]. only when radio button becomes active/on, user should be able to change date into field2. currently field 2 contains this piece of code [Let(Trigger=Field1;"")] which basically means if a date is entered into field1, field2 becomes empty/blank. but my only issue is with field2. i want to make it disable once it has a date in it and rad
  4. i don't think this thread is related to the other 2 issues i've asked for help. this is totally different and that is why i posted it here to get some help.
  5. first thanx for your reply. 2nd yes i'm using activefieldname function and that is the reason why i want to use the script to keep the field active even when the user clicks outside the field [on the layout]. i'm using customized navigaion [to highlight the current row] which is linked to status-Area buttons [rolodex] and it works only if it finds that the field [active row] in the current record is active [hence the focus]. as long as focus is there on the field and moves from record to record, the navigation buttons work just fine and they highlight the current row [main purpose of my custom
  6. hello i have a layout [in listview] and want to trigger a script whenever user clicks on the layout [outside the fields]. almost all the fields on the layout are locked and cannot be clicked in/on with the exception of one field which is active for some calculations. this field must keep a focus all the time for the calculations to work. this is the only reason why i want a layout level script to prevent the user from losing the focus on that field and when the user clicks on the layout i reset the focus back to that field. so this way field will never lose the focus [hopefully]. so
  7. well i'm trying to highlight the current row in listview and the reason to insert a value into that row's field is to set it up for a conditional formatting and then when the use moves to the next / previous record, it makes the previous record's field blank n fill the current record's field for conditional formatting n highlighting. with buttons its working but with rolodex on the status area is not. i can't customize the GO TO RECORD menu option aswell so my navigation scripts are limited to buttons only and user can still use the rolodex for navigation and that will not highlight the
  8. hello i want to insert a value into a field of a record that is currently in view [listview] [using rolodex navigation only]. and when the user moves to next/previous record it not only inserts value into the then current record but also makes previous/next records fields blank [record which lost the active view]. i can do this through a script. but how can i link the script to rolodex navigation buttons only [status area]? thanx in advance.
  9. thanx for the reply. if multiple headers is not possible then how about rearranging the footer? normally its at the bottom of the page. is it possible to move it to left or right of the page with body on the side and header at the top [default]...?
  10. hello... is it possible to have multiple headers on a layout? like one at the top [default] and one on the left/right of the layout with body after it. the reason why i want to know is because i want to hide the status area bar and add my own there in that very same space/place. also layout is a listview that is why i want the top header for logo and headings for the columns. : something like this... =============================================== LOGO / HEADINGS HERE [TOP HEADER] =============================================== LEFT HEADER | BUTTON 001 | BODY OF THE LAYO
  11. hello is it possible to capture the staus of rolodex [record navigation through status area] through a script? that is lets say if user moves to record # 4 from #3 [by clicking on rolodex <- ->/ by using keys]then i should be able to keep track of previous record # as well as current in a variable. for now i have customized navigation buttons and they work fine if user don't use rolodex. but they start to skip records when, lets say, user uses the Rolodex to navigate and go to record# 7 while stored variable in script through my navigation button shows record#2 [last record use
  12. so any update on this issue of highlighting the row in listview? i want to try it out but the problem is that i have like 500 records to show & flickering of window doesn't look very nice [annoying at times ]. is there any other way to accomplish this without the flicker? i have a feeling there is none but no harm i asking... : :
  13. hello i have two fields and i want to make one of it empty based on the other field. lets say if A is selected / filled [date type] then i want to make B blank and if B is filled, i want to make A blank. for now i have this piece of code which only makes one field blank Field A = Let(Trigger = Field B ; "") if i put the same code in field B and change trigger = B to Trigger = A, it makes both fields blank and then you can't fill any of the fields as they both cancel each other out. is there any way to make one field blank at a time. if A is filled, B is blank, if B is
  14. thanx fitch. i was just about to post that i have managed to figure out the way to change close-window command and now it works as expected. thanx for ur help and pointers that led me to the solutions. :)
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