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  1. Hello , i would like to know why in filemaker 12 all the templates when they use portals, they use a field "ID MATCH FIELD" on the table , what is this field for? please let me know thank you
  2. im trying to copy a portal to another portal but the script i have only copy the first row , i need all the portal copied . it is possible to copy all the portal records? thanks for your help portal.fmp12.zip
  3. right now we have a windows server machine running filemaker server for 15 users. 4 macs and 11 pcs. the reason im looking for a different machine is because the server is in a small room and if we close the door it gets very hot in less than an hour and it starts to sounds very loud like a turbine, so we have to leave the door open all the time . one solution is to add an air conditioner unit but here in my country energy is very expensive , and that units is not for 24 hours working. the other solution is to buy a mac mini server with solid state hard drive, and 8 gigas memory . that m
  4. Hello , i have 2 tables one inventory and one invoices . i would like to know how get on the inventory table the new totals after updating with the invoice table ? for example : i create a new product on inventory REF: 2020 with quantities by size SIZE1: 10 SIZE2: 10 SIZE3: 10 TOTAL: 30 now i go to invoice and create a new invoice selling REF: 2020 SIZE1: 2 SIZE2: 2 SIZE3: 2 TOTAL SALE: 6 now i want a field on the inventory table that discount those 6 pcs from the total of 30 .... telling me that i only have 24 pcs in stock . here i attached you a sam
  5. Hello , i want to know if is possible to always go to field to specific field. i have many field in the database and i dont want people to go to that fields , example if they select whatever field automatic goes to the field i want they modify . even if the click on the layout automatic go to the specific field . whaterever they do always point to that field please let me know thank you very much
  6. Hello , i want to know if its possible to update a Filemaker database records with a plain text file every day . i need this solution automatic updates . please let me know thank you very much
  7. Hello , can i sync my filemaker database with a ms-dos database? i usually have to see the MS-dos reports and retype in Filemaker ,, i would like to know if there is any solution that constanly sync the ms-dos records to my filemaker solution. thank you , mauricio
  8. Hello LaRetta, thanks for your reply , I dont understand very well about fields instead records but I would consider a design change , as you said , " it is best to change it now" Thanks for your time, Mauricio
  9. Hello LaRetta, thanks for your reply , i need the reports by global amounts… like how many pieces i sell from this Style (ref) in total and by size from all orders as the attached file actually .. we do is taking the " list report " and then retype in another software that makes cutting tickets … we want to prevent that and make all integrate, prevent retype. the cutting table should contain: Reference …..T2 total…… T4 total ….. T6 total ….. T8 total and the summary of T2+T4+T6+T8 there is a cutting sample table i attached in the file. we can't integrate the cutt
  10. Hello LaRetta , thank you so much for your time. here i attached a file with my explanations, in my real database, purchase orders are connected with products database , but not to check stock , is to check materials (fabrics , threads, buttons,) i forgot to said that we manufacture, ( cut to order) . actually in our company we take the " list report " and retype the totals in another software(not filemaker ) thats follows the cut tickets to final production. and yes , cuts mean cortes ... Thanks for your help , Mauricio POrders.fp7.zip
  11. Hello LaRetta , thanks for your reply , this is the layout for purchase orders ... where i instert all the orders by customer each user with different item .. about 30 items in one order ... example: then i make a report by item sell .... so the report show me all the items i had sell to al my customers globaly something like this :..... what i want to do is take this first row and then create a new record in a new database . somethig like image attached i would like to has a button to export the line to a new record as this image; the p
  12. hello , i want to know how to find an item from a portal an then export the found set to a new databse on a new record? is this posible? thanks
  13. bcooney , thank you very much ... i just adapt your sample into my database and it works like a charm!!!.
  14. Hello , i need your help , i would like to know how to write a body email that shows me uncompleted task of the whole database ? complete=0 ( this is uncomplete task) complete=1 ( this is complete task) i dont know how to make a search and put the result on the body , this send mail script is going to be used in Filemaker server as a schedule script . please let me know a solution , thank you ,
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