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  1. I have FMP 8 20+ seats with Server 8 on Win 2003. I have some large and growing fast (35+ GB) files with scanned docs being served. This will grow to 100+GB files within the life of the system. I had one file corrupted once (remote disconnected without logout) and it took me forever to fix as I had to copy the file to computer with the OS on a large partition (darn Dell puts the server OS on a small partition, cannot create the scratch file and could not find a way to direct FMP to create the scratch file elsewhere). I was freaking out. Am I pushing the limits of Filemaker? Or am I w
  2. Wow, THANK YOU. I should be able to figure it out from here, Peter
  3. I tried that with a straight substitution of field definitions for the other 2 but it doesn't work. FYI the sort matches the GetSummary field definitions, so that's not it. I someone could whip up a quick demo file, that would be awesome. THANK YOU. Peter
  4. Thanks. That appears to only work for the top "level" of the summary. I'll try some variations. Peter
  5. This may be newbie, but I can't get it. In a standard summary report with 3 Summary Parts: Country State City Body is Person How do I count the number of (separate) countries, States and or Cities for the persons being browsed (If two people live in the same city, the city only gets counted once etc). Thanks Peter
  6. Thank you! It looks like FMP 9 checks that box by default, FMP 6 did not. Peter
  7. In FMP 6, I used to be able to do (all number fields) (If(Field>"1","1","0") In FMP 9, the expression evaluates to "1" if Field is indeed greater than 1, but if Field is empty, I do not get a "0", I get a null value. I tried the inverse (If(Field="","0","1") I get the same result. What's up? Peter
  8. I actually figured out that you place a copy of the portal on each page and change the starting row. It's not perfect but it does work. Thanks for all the advice. peter
  9. I have a 450 row portal that prints out over 11 pages. After a few pages, the printout mangles the names at the bottom and/or top of the pages. I know I can do a summary report instead, but wanted to do the portal if it was possible. Any way to get a portal to break properly over multiple pages? Thanks Peter
  10. Thank you for responding. I just want to navigate to that particular portal row record by clicking a button in that portal row. "Go To Related Record" doesn't work. If I copy the Rec ID from that record and do a find for it (outside the portal), that obviously works. I was trying to script that. Peter
  11. Sorry, new to FMP 9. I have a portal with multiple rows. I need a button/script that will copy a value from a field in portal row X, by clicking on a button IN THE SAME ROW. I guess the problem is that clicking the button in a specific row of a portal does not first select that specific portal row (related record) for the copy/set field whatever command. Thank you.
  12. I need to do a social networking table/layout for our membership database. The concept is who know who? I've done a cheezy one based on a join table and a portal from Name 1 to Name 2 that gets me the all the friends of one friend, but there are duplicates in the results and it isn't very elegant. I think I'm going to need a recursive script that "follows the branches of the tree". Has anyone done this? Thanks Peter
  13. In FMP 8.5, I have two globals - Company and Department (to use in a portal filter). I have a pop up Value list of Companies on the gCompany field, and want only the Departments from the selected Company to appear in the gDepartment Pop up value list. I made a relationship gCompany Filter, with gCompany to Company and have the value list defined to include values from gCompany Filter::Department. In a portal :gCompany Filter, the list of Departments change with each gCompany selected, but the value list does not change. What am I not doing right? Thanks Stublito
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